Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Experiment in Kindness

Experiment in Kindness Part One by *brandondayton on deviantART

I can't really come up with the words to convey what this image means for me as an Orthodox Christian during the Advent season but I guess I don't need to, it's pretty self-explanatory. I guess you could exchange the word "kindness" for "love". 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lenten recipes 2012 updated

Here it is, with a few things added at the end which I have yet to post recipes for. I've started keeping all my recipes on google drive, I dunno if I'll ever get around to posting them here though. Some of the last ones I haven't put on google drive yet either, which I should do sometime soon...

Oh and here's my pinterest board with a few more.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oh! And...

I forgot the reason I wanted to post on here to begin with (till I got distracted by announcing to the internet that I have it and elaborating on the subject) was to quote this from the "you know you have ADHD when..." thread that I just found hilarious:

"when you can't sleep and well basically, one sheep, two sheep, cow, turtle, duck, Old MacDonald had a farm, HEEEEY Macarena!!!!!!!!!!!"

XD Yes that's me some nights...

I can relate to SO MANY things in that thread, and have added a bunch of my own...


Ok it's not officially diagnosed yet but wow do I ever feel relieved that I'm not crazy/stupid/lazy/slow/etc. So to anyone who might actually pay attention to this I can finally give a valid reason for my inconsistent posting! Although I love blogging I can never manage to do it consistently. Along with many other things.

I discovered this after a bad event happened recently. I got a 3-day unpaid suspension from my job for having made too many careless mistakes over the past month. I'm really not ashamed to say this after I've read all the other stories of people who didn't know they had ADHD that lost their jobs or had lifetimes of never being able to hold down a job for very long because of it. At least I've been able to hold down my job for 5 years now (although it took twice as long to train me, I've had to be re-trained twice and my performance has always been inconsistent), and I still have two chances left, the next step is a 5-day suspension before I get fired. I wish I could find a dishwashing job that paid as well as this... it wouldn't be as difficult to do without meds...

I had started to suspect it last winter when I got a warning from my boss and figured it's either a sleep disorder or ADHD and managed to get an appointment this spring with a sleep clinic but forgot about the ADHD until it came back to smack me over the head. So I've contacted someone at a hospital and tomorrow they're gonna email me some availabilities for appointment times next week for the first step in the long process of screening and evaluation (yes it's a long process there is no one test that you can take for it, it takes several hours of interviews with several doctors that speak with you as well as close family + friends)

A bit of basic info that I learned with all the reading about it I've done recently:

- There are 3 types: Hyperactive, Inattentive or Mixed. I'm definitely more innatentive than hyperactive, I was always the quiet distracted daydreaming kid that had a hard time in school. I match up with all the symptoms of the inattentive type that I've read online (the description of the "daydreamer" here fits me as a kid to a T)

- ADHD in adults is massively underdiagnosed, because it was only in the late 1980's that they finally realized that it existed and started doing research on it and how to treat it. Something like only 10 percent of adults with ADHD are officially diagnosed with it.

- There is a huge lack of doctors that specialize in ADHD in adults for the same reason as the previous paragraph, so to get tested/diagnosed for it it's either very expensive, or like here in Quebec you can get it covered by Medicare but the wait is looong. Thankfully not as long as the sleep clinic (6+months) but still 3 months or so.

- Medication is decided on a case-by-case basis since not every type of ADHD med works for everyone that has it. A lot of people have to try 2-3 different kinds at different doses before they find one that fits best.

- Medication is not the only treatment, several types of therapy and coaching are also important to have as medication is only half the treatment.

- ADHD can be missed in childhood and only discovered in adulthood, especially for those with the Inattentive type and especially for girls/women as well since they are on average more "quiet" than boys. See the paragraph under the question "How are the symptoms of ADHD different in adulthood?" here.

I'm not gonna tell my boss till I get an official diagnosis though, which I'm very eager to get as it hopefully will make so many thing so much easier.

And that's all I can think of to write about it for now and I have to go eat lunch before my break is over.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Ramen broth

I've hit upon my tastiest ramen broth yet. A mix of roughly 70/30 turkey stock and broth leftover from pulled pork (I double the amount of cinnamon though). The turkey stock I made with a leftover carcass from making some turkey-stuffed-turkey at our Canadian thanksgiving back at the beginning of October. I didn't make the stock the same as in the turkey recipe though, I just roasted the carcass quickly under the broiler and then threw it all in a big pot of water and left it to simmer for a few hours, then took the carcass out and reduced the remaining stock to 1/3 of it's original volume and added some salt afterwards. Now I'll just have to make some homemade ramen to do it justice...

On thanksgiving

This is a good post on thanksgiving.

Friday, October 12, 2012


"maybe all restaurant cooks should be routinely tested for sensitivity to the basic seasonings" - Harold McGee

This is really interesting as I love white pepper and use it in most of my food in place of black pepper unless the recipe specifically calls for black pepper. And I agree with him on testing for sensitivity to seasonings!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Seriously boozy ice cream

Upon hearing I recently received an ice cream machine as a gift, a friend of mine sent me a link to how to make boozy ice cream. Not just booze-flavored ice cream, actually boozy-enough-to-make-you-tipsy ice cream. I can't wait to start making these! Go check it out if you love booze and ice cream!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Whisk Kid

Go check out this blog that I discovered today. I'm not big on sweets or cake or blogs about them in general, preferring savory things, but her pictures are so beautiful and inspiring that I went out and bought myself an ice cream maker today (that my dad paid for as an early birthday/Christmas gift) for the first time after seeing these:

Ice Cream Sandwich 2 by ~bittykate on deviantART

Now I'm just looking for a cooke-cutter with scalloped edges.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A quote from Cora

My dad bought me a book, an autobiography of Cora Tsouflidou, an entrepreneur who started a chain of breakfast restaurants in Quebec that expanded across Canada. She was raised Catholic in the 1960's and writes about it in her book. At one point she writes "If love was the only important thing, there would be no gates in front of heaven, God would be everywhere, and there would be no hell." That made me think "But it is and those things are true!" It's a pity that she didn't learn more about Orthodoxy, since she was married to a Greek man for a time, she might have learned otherwise.

Edit: In finishing the book she did finally write that love is the most important thing :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Advent Conspiracy

I figured I'd blog about it right away since the shopping season is still a month away and I'm likely to forget by then. I think this idea is cool, but Orthodoxy pretty much teaches that anyways to begin with, so kind of a moot point for us :) Although it would be fun to answer questions as to why my Christmas tree is upside down XD (although not sure if that's a requirement of adherents to the Conspiracy, I didn't read the whole site, but would be fun to do anyways :D)

I found that website through an awesome blog I just discovered thanks to my mom called The Blind Cook, who anyone who watches cooking competition shows might know about already since she won one this year :) Go check her out!

This weekend I'm going to my parents place in the country with my friend Tiffany. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and Sunday but we'll make a campfire tonight and spend the rest of the weekend watching movies and cooking :) I can't wait!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

No time?

I came across this article just now, about a scientist that says time does not exist. This clicked with something in my memory, I remembered reading somewhere something about God and the saints existing outside of time, God is everywhere present always at once. Something about when the world ends there will be no time maybe, or that after we pass away we exist outside of time? Anyways if anyone could link me to any useful articles regarding Orthodoxy and non-existence of time I would appreciate it to refresh my memory. A quick google search of "Orthodoxy and time" didn't really bring up anything relevant. It would be awfully funny/ironic if this was another one of those cases of "Science proving what we already knew"... in this case the "we" being Orthodox Christians :P And here some people are saying science and religion are mutually exclusive!

You should be Orthodox

When asked to describe Orthodoxy in the future I'll refer to us as "the hipsters of Christianity" :P Some funnies, part 1 and part 2.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I've coined a new term to describe a string of unfortunate events in one's life: humilifiers. On Saturday Carlo's computer broke (motherboard fried, big $ that we don't have to fix), then on Sunday he got conked on the head by a fan that fell from the top of the tv he was moving, hard enough to make him dizzy. Then today he crashed while biking and had to go to a clinic for a pomegranate-sized hard lump on his hip that appeared afterwards and is nearly preventing him from walking. Thankfully that was the only real damage he had, just a scrape on his arm and a cracked helmet besides that. Like he said though, things could be worse, we still have a roof over our heads and good jobs and eachother :) Thank God!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Old cooking shows

They don't make cooking shows like they used to. I remember my favourite was the Frugal Gourmet, and I also watched Jacques Pepin, Julia Child and Delia Smith. 1980's cooking shows ftw!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Captain Awkward on #322 & #323

This is something a friend of mine posted on Facebook, this is why I unfriended x after he (a friend of a friend) randomly grabbed me and kissed me on the neck, why I can't laugh about those "make me a sandwich" jokes. Because they make me uncomfortable, give me a sick feeling inside.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Brief Hiatus from cooking

New post on my other blog here.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Longanisa and Palt

The longanisa turned out great and the palt too. The longanisa will have to be remade soon though with some adjustments.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cell phone camera + binoculars = improvised telephoto lens!

I took these from my balcony yesterday. Here's the Champlain bridge:

The south shore and some part of the St-Lawrence River:

I forget the name of this mountain:

The entrance to Guy-Concordia metro:

The view down Maisonneuve facing west:

Sunshine on Mount Royal 25 July 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

Slowing Down

I write about it here.

Edit: Lol! I decided to google "slowing down" just for the fun of it, and the first result I got was this. It's great! :D I have to get myself one of those mugs :D

Friday, July 20, 2012

Lots of tea

So this is my tea drawer at work... can you tell I like earl grey? :P Those ziploc bags in the middle contain more Lipton herbal teas, both of them too acidic for my taste (although one of them smells and/or tastes like fruit loops lol) so I just gave them to a coworker. I also have a canister of hot chocolate mix in the drawer below. I bought it last winter as a non-caffeinated alternative to warm myself up cause I'm always cold sitting at my desk at work, even when wearing my warmest hoodie with a fuzzy blanket wrapped around my legs and waist. And yes that is a packet of Kikkoman shiro miso soup. My favourite is the tofu miso but I ran out and had this left :(

The rosehip tea reminds me of the rosehip soup that I had during my visits to Sweden as a kid :) I love rosehip and blueberry soup, both summer staples in Sweden. My grandfather in Norbotten had several acres of blueberry bushes in the forest between his house, and he had a special blueberry comb about 6x8" with a handle and a bucket at the bottom that I would use to comb the bushes with. I'm guessing he made it himself, he's an engineer and his basement is one big messy workshop. I have a pic of it somewhere that I'll have to scan someday. I'll have to make those soups and post about them on my food blog sometime soon. The stuff you get at IKEA can't be compared with the homemade version.

Edit: I've noticed that when uploading pictures with the other blogging app I have it doesn't upload the full size, as in when I click on it to see it full size a smaller image shows up than the one in the post. I can just as easily upload it to Google Drive though, and then download it to my computer at work and post it from there, which fixes the problem. Yay for  big pictures!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


My new post about it is here.

A veggie sandwich and an update

I'm a bad blogger, I didn't take a pic of the delicious open-faced sandwich I made yesterday cause I was too busy devouring it lol. Here's the recipe: slice half a large red onion and fry on med-high heat with 1 tbsp of oil and a sprinkle of salt till starting to be browned. While onions are frying toast two slices of homemade white bread. Spread thickly with ceasar salad dressing. Put a slice or two of tomato on each slice of bread. Top with onions. Devour. 

I've been busy making food for my other blog, too busy to blog about it in fact. Last weekend I ... I don't remember what I did lol. Nothing special apparently. This weekend on Saturday I'm gonna go to my sister's place an hour away (by public transportation, it's only half an hour by car) at the western tip of the island to help her shop and cook some stuff for her. She just moved out of my parents place two weeks ago, I'm so excited for her :D On Sunday church in the morning, visiting Steph to watch anime in the afternoon, then watching Mythbusters at home with Carlo in the evening.

Here's a pic of the giant thunderclouds that covered the sky seen from my job day before yesterday:

Edit: I don't know why the font is different for half of the text in this post... it doesn't show when I'm in editing mode and it won't change it back... Blogger seems to be having trouble with fonts lately, the title of my other blog is stuck in Comic Sans... *sigh*

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Carne Norte

I posted about it here. That stuff is sooo yummy!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A post on PPP! *GASP!*

If anyone is interested, here it is.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

If ever I opened a restaurant...

It would be a combination of Jim Lahey's place and Kenny Shopsin's place. With maybe some Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory thrown in.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


So I decided to use up a few odds and ends to make breakfast yesterday. I called it a Japancake. First you fry 3 slices of bacon on low heat till desired crispiness:

Then you drain off the bacon grease and flatten out some leftover rice in the bottom of the pan:

Over that you crack two eggs:

Then chop up the bacon and sprinkle that on top too:

Then grate cheese over the whole thing:

Put it on low heat:

Cover and let it cook for ~10 minutes:

It should look something like this:

And serve! Mmmm....

Next time I'm gonna whisk the eggs together and add some seasoning before pouring them over the rice, and fry some onions with the bacon to add as well.

I think this would go well on Shopsin's menu :P I've decided I must get a passport to be able to go there someday. If you go there make sure you know the rules! (mentioned in the Yelp reviews)

For dinner we went to Le Roi du Wonton like I had been meaning to. It was good! We got two kinds of wonton soup, dumplings in peanut sauce, and the twice-cooked pork. The wontons were big and flavorful, and the bowl had extra toppings :D There was seaweed, lettuce/cabbage, pickled veggies and some sliced omelette. Yummy!

Here's the dumplings in peanut sauce (the same ones used in the wonton soup)

And the pork. Sooo good! Served on top of an omelette fried with green onions, which was great with the sauce.

I'll definitely return there often seeing as it's right across the street from our place!

Oh how I love this neighborhood...

With it's $2 specials on a falafel pita trio! Especially on a Friday night when I don't want to cook.

I have started to find and list and dream of and drool over every restaurant in the neighborhood that I want to go to. And this neighborhood is well stocked, believe me. With a university campus supplying lots of poor students to keep prices down, and a large Asian population having earned this neighborhood it's name of Chinatown 2, as well as other ethnicities (Korean, Middle-Eastern, Brazilian, Japanese etc.), it's like having the united nations of food lying at my doorstep. And living downtown gives me a wealth of vegan and fasting food to choose from as well :)

There's the Roi du Wonton across the street, which I haven't been to yet but I've heard good reviews of, my favourite hamburger place Picks just half a block away, and another good one called Buns just around the corner, the Soup & Noodle between them both, then there's about 10 more on St-Catherine just a few blocks away that I have to go to, I'm too lazy to post them here :P And a few more on Lincoln (one street north), St-Mathieu (one street west), Maisonneuve (at the intersection of our street) and Guy-Concordia, and... there's too many to list lol. There's at least 3 Altaib Grill/Pizza places within a 5 block radius of here.

I was originally planning on visiting every restaurant starting with the closest ones, but I broke my "rule" to go to picks first thing after Pascha :P and then after reading that review of Kanbai, plus the fact that I had been meaning to go there for a while, well I had to go there too. Tonight I think I'll go to the Roi du Wonton with Carlo. Oh, and two of my favourite sub places, Dagwoods and Quiznos, within a 3 minute walk too! I'm glad I've started biking to work...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chicken Yassa

Recipe here.

Awesomeness. My Senegalese coworker just gave me the basics of this recipe (the Maggi + mustard marinade, bbqing it then simmering with water, onions and lemon juice) and I added the rest. GO MAKE THIS NOW!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Braai-ing Boerewors

A few days ago I found a thread on Chowhound asking what is the best sausage you ever had. The poster talked about boerewors, a South-African sausage. I decided I wanted to make it for my first sausage making attempt ever, and after a few days of reading online about sausage making techniques I went to buy the casings and meat yesterday. It turned out great! Here's the recipe I used. It was the first time I used the meat grinder I got last Christmas to make sausages and it worked really well.

Here's all 3 kilos of it:

And here's some of it after it spent some quality time on the grill following this advice:

Total and complete success! I loved it and I can't wait to make more :D

I added a handful of soaked hickory wood chips in a double-layered foil packet (pricked with a toothpick on top in several places) under the grill to smoke it, I cooked it like that for about 12-15 minutes and then when the smoke stopped I took the packet away and let it crisp up a bit before removing it, turning it several times during the cooking. It was easy enough to flip with a good pair of tongs and a spatula, it only broke in one place (on the blackened side). It got an amazingly smoky flavor.

The texture was quite loose, not sausage-ey at all but I figure that's just cause it was freshly made, the other half of the batch is in the fridge and I'll cook some more tomorrow to see how the texture has changed.

Soon I'll have to go buy some sheep casings to make those hot dogs I wanted to do!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hot dogs!

I'll start this with Christ is Risen! Le Christ est Ressucité!

Ok I recently discovered Nathan's hot dogs, they are not available in retail here in Montreal yet (except in large quantities from the distributor, which I got. And he's a great guy :D Oh and you can bet I'll be posting about it when they are!). They are in a few restos (Orange Julep, the Green Spot and Au Gros Jambon) so far though. I love them! Go buy them if you can. But that aside, I googled them and came up with this, a guy that made the hot dogs from the Michael Ruhlman book Charcuterie, which he says are even better than Nathan's. Of course lots of homemade things are better than their industrialized versions, so me, being the crazy foodie that I am thinks to myself: I must do this! Now in that link he doesn't give the recipe. But I remember reading about the Paupered Chefs making it a couple of years ago and posting the recipe! Jackpot! So now in my caffeine-fuelled hot dog frenzy, I announce to the masses that I WILL MAKE HOT DOGS!

I'm so happy I got that meat grinder/sausage stuffer for Christmas :D:D:D

I don't know when I'll get the time and money to do this, but it'll be posted here when I do. In the meantime I'll post that last link to my "cooking projects" board on Pinterest.

Monday, April 9, 2012

More on introversion

Here's an interesting talk Susan Cain gave at TED about introversion that one of my friends posted on Facebook recently.

Apparently learning to care for introverts is a theme these days, as evidenced by a Google search that came up with this article by Jonathan Raunch of The Atlantic that goes along with the picture in my previous post, as well as the previous link.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hotpot at home!

I'm so excited, I started chatting with the guy at the Chinese grocery store down the street and he gave me the idea of making hotpot at home. I love hotpot, and so do a bunch of friends I hang out with at the tams in the summer, so I can't wait to do this after Pascha! It'll be second on my list of ideas for meals to make to have friends over, the first being bbq! Hotpot is the more authentic version of Chinese fondue, you can buy the broth at the Chinese grocery and all the veggies and meat that go with it, it's completely different from the canned stuff you get at the grocery store. Anyways I'm off to try my seaweed rice crackers that I bought after reading about arare on wikipedia. Must go to the other Asian store nearby to get some arare, they didn't seem to have any at the Chinese store but maybe I didn't look well enough...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring, floods and biking

Things that have happened lately:

Spring has unofficially arrived, the snow melted really early this year (well in the city anyways...) and we're getting 10 degree Celcius weather already on a daily basis. Yay! Although I don't know if this means our summer will be unusually long and hot... I hope the air con in our new apartment works!

There was a minor flood in our front hallway following a "fixed" toilet in the apartment above ours... the (2 layers of them, thanks to the previous tenant/janitor) carpets are slowly molding and need to be ripped out, but the janitor says his supervisor won't let him do that, so I'll have to call the rental board to see what we can do... To boot the coffee machine at work broke and flooded a corner of the office the same day, AND it was raining outside! Water everywhere! Lol :P

On Monday I decided to be ultra-green and ultra-fit and ultra-exhausted/sore and start biking to work. Except I have no bike, so I looked up a used bike place online and my new (old) bike will be delivered tomorrow night! Thanks to my dad, who lent me the money for it :) I'm so excited! I haven't biked in... 10 years? The last bike I had was a used bike I got from a friend when I was in high school and then left in a storage locker when I moved out of one of my old apartments in 2004 because it was broken and I hadn't used it for a year or more.

There's a bike path right outside our building that heads a good ways to my job, and some seemingly quiet streets that go the rest of the way. There's also a bike path along the canal near my job but I don't need to go very far on that to get to work, a few hundred feet or so. I am planning on exploring it further during my lunch breaks though, if I'm not too sore from the ride to work.

According to Google maps it's supposed to take me 18-20 min. to bike to work, but I'm gonna give myself twice that just to make sure.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

View from the new place

I took these from our balcony two weeks ago but have been too sick/busy/forgetful to post them so far. Here's the view north-west:

The view north-east:

The view south-east:

And the view south-south-west

Here are some of the sunrise from our bedroom window:

Licorice impersonating a fridge gargoyle:

And Oliver Twit during one of his brief periods of cuteness between periods of twit-ness:

And off I go to unpack and tidy and get ready for dinner with friends.

Lenten Recipes 2012

This is what I have been/will be eating this Lent. A few ideas if anyone needs them, and a go-to list for me of my favourite staple Lenten foods.

Bread Salad
Pea Soup
Avocado Salad
Lebanese Chickpea Soup
Senegalese Peanut Soup
Crack salad a.k.a.eggplant and scallop salad (if I can find some Vio dressing!)
Cereal/cold oatmeal with cinnamon, sugar and nuts (see previous link)
Improved salsa (scroll to the middle of the post for the pic of salsa)
Chocolate chip cookies
Fruit salad
Leek soup
Catherine's lentil soup
Carlo's mom's okra
Asian agar desserts

And here's my previous incomplete list. Which I should really work on, or incorporate this one into it too? We'll see. Those ones aren't necessarily ones I've tried or are favourites, I think I'll make a new list here with just my favourites.


This is an Egyptian dish if I'm not mistaken, Carlo's mom's Egyptian friend made it for her and she showed me how to make it. No pictures yet, hopefully soon...

Take a can of these:

Open, drain, rinse and put the beans in a large microwave-safe bowl or container. Chop up 1 small tomato or half a large one and add it to the beans, along with 1/2 small onion, minced, 1 clove minced garlic, a pinch or 3 of ground cumin, a glug of olive oil, salt, pepper and the juice from half a lemon. Mix well, cover loosely and microwave on high for 6 minutes, stirring halfway through, then mash everything together. I prefer eating this cold on bread, it's sooo good!

Bread Salad

Take a loaf of day-old crusty bread (like baguette) and grate it coarsely, then add one small finely chopped onion, 2 chopped tomatoes, mix together and then add some basil (more or less depending on how much bread you have). Make some simple vinaigrette with oil, white vinegar, (roughly 1 part vinegar to 4 or 5 parts oil), and a bit of water, salt & pepper. Shake together well in a jar, then drizzle slowly over the salad while stirring the salad to distribute it evenly, just enough to moisten it, not wet. Taste to make sure seasonings are ok and adjust if needed. Save leftover vinaigrette for later use. Cover and let sit in the fridge an hour or two, to let flavors mellow and blend.

Hopefully I will get around to making this and taking pictures to add to this post soon. This is another one of my mom's recipes, it's one of my childhood favourites :)

TWO recipes for vegan mayo!

I have not tested either of these yet but I will today hopefully. One is tofu-based and the other is potato-based. I will try and remember to take pictures and post my results. We're having friends over for dinner tonight and I still have unpacking/sorting/cleaning to do so we'll see.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Do this. Your tastebuds will thank you. (Pea soup with baby clams/mussels/whatever, thyme, dijon and butter)

Take a large can of pea soup. Open it and dump into a large bowl. Open 1 small can of baby clams and add the contents, juice and all, to the soup. Stir till well mixed. Get out a few portion-sized tupperware containers, and divide the soup into these. In each one add a heavy sprinkle of ground thyme, a good squiiiiiiiirttttt of dijon mustard (or maybe I dunno... a heaping tablespoon? if you don't have a squeeze bottle like me), and if you're not vegan or a fasting Orthodox Christian, a tablespoon of salted butter. Yes. Butter. My mom made this often for us when I was a kid, except with homemade pea soup (and without the canned bivalves, those were my own innovation). Pea soup prepared this way is classic comfort food for me.

Heat one of the containers of soup in the microwave, stir well, eat and enjoy (If you like these kinds of foods. If not don't make this recipe. Or try it anyways, it might change your opinion of them! I do that regularly, try things I don't like in case I find a brand or version or recipe of that food that I DO like.). Put the rest in the fridge for tomorrow and the day after's lunches. Serve with some form of carbs if you want. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM!!! Picture not included as I'm posting from phone. And this isn't the most photogenic thing either...but delicious!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vegan goodness people!

The Vegan Experience, a Retrospective: All 28 of Kenji's Vegan Recipes | Serious Eats - Mobile Beta!"

I'm posting from my phone cause Serious Eats is blocked at work. I didn't want to wait till I got home to post this in case I forgot :P Lent is ON baby!

I'll actually have the time to start blogging regularly again once the schedule change I asked for at work goes through, although I'm not sure when that will be seeing as they're not looking for new people to replace my shift right now...

Anyways, we've FINALLY moved downtown, it's been over a week now and we're just starting to unpack because we've both been sick since we moved. But we're here! *dances* I'll see if I can find the time to post a few pictures this weekend.

I'm itching to make these recipes, I'll have to go through them to see which ones are quick and easy enough to make on a weeknight.

I finish work at 5:30 now instead of 6:00, and once my schedule is changed I'll finish at 4:30 :) And it only takes 25 minutes to get home from work now! :D:D:D 10 minutes till I leave...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Non-person humans and non-human persons

People go read this.