Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More on bras

Here's a great blog, and a video (one of many) every woman should see.

Things I didn't know about bras.

I learned these things recently after discovering a forum called A Bra That Fits on Reddit. If I didn't know these things at the age of 29, then how many other women are wearing uncomfortable, ill-fitted bras??? I HAD to post this here to spread the word.

-80% of women are wearing the wrong-sized bra. Usually a too-large band and a too small cup size.

-Cup size is relative to bra size

-A D-cup is NOT HUGE!

How to put a bra on properly

-Hard-to-find sizes don't have to be expensive! Ebay is good for that I'm told, as well as other online lingerie retailers.

-Some girls with back problems have even seen these problems go away by wearing a properly-fitted bra!

Anyone who wears a bra and sees this I beg you to measure yourself and read this for lots more interesting info about bras, bra myths, etc. All these links are in the sidebar on A Bra That Fits. Please go read!

I didn't believe it when the measurements said I had to go down two band sizes and UP FIVE WHOLE CUP SIZES!!! Until I tried one on... and my jaw dropped! It fit perfectly! My female family members didn't believe me till I showed them pictures and then I got nothing but amazement and compliments out of them! Even the fitting-lady at the store didn't believe I was that size! Unfortunately a lot of people who work in lingerie stores are misinformed about proper bra sizing as well :( So always measure yourself and don't rely on a fitting in a store.

And any man who wants to pass this info on to have a wife or girlfriend that is more comfortable and feeling awesome about herself, please do so!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ginger beer plant, Volga mushroom and kombucha

I recently came across this article, a really interesting writing on how in the old days people used to use and share something called ginger beer plant (aka "bees"), a weird gelatinous lumpy thing, to make ginger beer. That reminded me of something my mom told me about when I was younger. In the old days in Sweden when she used to live there people could buy at the pharmacy a living flat round disk that you kept in a jar with water and drank the broth of. My memory was bad so I sent her the link to the article saying I wondered if it was the same thing and what her "thing" was called. She replied:

No the thing that I had was called a "Volga mushroom" after the river Volga in Russia. Also, it was not a mushroom but more like a round very firm substance that was thicker in the middle than on the edges and cutting it was like cutting meat although much firmer. The color was white/slightly pink and it grew so you had to divide it now and then because it became the size of a dinner plate. They were sold at the old fashioned pharmacies we had in Sweden when I lived there. You made a black tea solution with sugar in it and let the whole thing stand for five to seven days and then you drank the product and it was considered beneficial to your health.
Love Mama xox
 So I googled "volga mushroom" and discovered that it's basically a SCOBY used to make kombucha. I've made ginger beer before but only with yeast, I'd like to try making this as well as kombucha sometime though.