Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tonkotsu ramen and Oliver Twit

We ended up naming our new kitten Oliver Twit. He's an orphan and an annoying twit. But very cute and cuddly :)

Here's the tonkotsu ramen that I've been meaning to make for 6 months or so now. It took me ALL DAY but it was good :) I won't make it again though cause it was too much work, I'll just make a much simpler broth and add homemade noodles & chashu. The chashu was amazing!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hamburgers, parties, and a kitten :)

My dad and I went to Burger de Ville on Wesminster a few weeks ago. I had been meaning to go there for a while after hearing good things about it from several people.

My medium bacon cheese burger, delicious:

The "spicy" fries, also delicious:

My dad's medium St. Paulin burger, also delicious:

Here we are at l'Auberge du Dragon Rouge, a medieval restaurant, last weekend for my sister Emily's birthday:

Us with the waitress, Delphine. She's awesome! :P

The day before that I had a bbq/party at my place. Here's Tiffany in a dress that Carlo's mom gave her (I told her to strike a sexy pose) since it was too small for me. We managed to zip it up but 20 minutes later she came to me saying "I breathed too much"; the zipper had split open and we couldn't get it to open or close any more so I had to tear it open :( She was very sad. I gave her some consolation icecream.

Here almost all of us are piled onto the couch, with Stephan smoking shisha (I put Tiffany's hair in ponytails):

Here's the pictures from Carlo's grandfather's birthday party the day before (Friday). Here I am about to try some of his uncle's failed dessert. Apparently it got smoked from the lechon grease. Greasy smoke doesn't give a good flavor to desserts.

Here's the whole gang, minus me & Lisa. My dad, mom, his uncle, grandfather, Olga (friend of the family), Veronica (other uncle's girlfriend), and his other uncle with the dog.

A few weeks ago a friend of ours visited from Korea where's she's teaching English and she brought Steph a  Korean outfit, so I took a pic of him and his Xangetsu sword:

To give you a better idea of how big it is here I am with it. Yes it's sharpened:

Meeting of Styles put Epic Mealtime up on the wall beside my job this year!!! Epic!!! lollll :D

And here are more pictures of our new kitten which we finally brought home last weekend. Here's my sister and the kitten:

Carlo sleeping and the kitten:

Friday, September 2, 2011

REAL vegan mayo!

I've tried buying vegan mayo before, I don't remember what was on the ingredient list but I can bet it would be longer and more strange than potatoes, garlic, salt and oil. I have to try this sometime! I love mayo...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chances of survival...

I just read the first paragraph of this post and it made me laugh and think to myself that God really does want to heal us as much as possible before we leave this earth so as to have the best chances of getting into heaven...

That blog is great. Go read it.