Monday, November 12, 2012

Ramen broth

I've hit upon my tastiest ramen broth yet. A mix of roughly 70/30 turkey stock and broth leftover from pulled pork (I double the amount of cinnamon though). The turkey stock I made with a leftover carcass from making some turkey-stuffed-turkey at our Canadian thanksgiving back at the beginning of October. I didn't make the stock the same as in the turkey recipe though, I just roasted the carcass quickly under the broiler and then threw it all in a big pot of water and left it to simmer for a few hours, then took the carcass out and reduced the remaining stock to 1/3 of it's original volume and added some salt afterwards. Now I'll just have to make some homemade ramen to do it justice...


  1. Ohhh that sounds good! Our Thanksgiving is coming up in a couple weeks! Just in time! Thanks!

  2. I really recommend the turkey-stuffed-turkey, although more work than a regular one it's sooo worth it! And I love that pulled pork recipe too :)