Friday, July 20, 2012

Lots of tea

So this is my tea drawer at work... can you tell I like earl grey? :P Those ziploc bags in the middle contain more Lipton herbal teas, both of them too acidic for my taste (although one of them smells and/or tastes like fruit loops lol) so I just gave them to a coworker. I also have a canister of hot chocolate mix in the drawer below. I bought it last winter as a non-caffeinated alternative to warm myself up cause I'm always cold sitting at my desk at work, even when wearing my warmest hoodie with a fuzzy blanket wrapped around my legs and waist. And yes that is a packet of Kikkoman shiro miso soup. My favourite is the tofu miso but I ran out and had this left :(

The rosehip tea reminds me of the rosehip soup that I had during my visits to Sweden as a kid :) I love rosehip and blueberry soup, both summer staples in Sweden. My grandfather in Norbotten had several acres of blueberry bushes in the forest between his house, and he had a special blueberry comb about 6x8" with a handle and a bucket at the bottom that I would use to comb the bushes with. I'm guessing he made it himself, he's an engineer and his basement is one big messy workshop. I have a pic of it somewhere that I'll have to scan someday. I'll have to make those soups and post about them on my food blog sometime soon. The stuff you get at IKEA can't be compared with the homemade version.

Edit: I've noticed that when uploading pictures with the other blogging app I have it doesn't upload the full size, as in when I click on it to see it full size a smaller image shows up than the one in the post. I can just as easily upload it to Google Drive though, and then download it to my computer at work and post it from there, which fixes the problem. Yay for  big pictures!

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