Friday, October 5, 2012

Whisk Kid

Go check out this blog that I discovered today. I'm not big on sweets or cake or blogs about them in general, preferring savory things, but her pictures are so beautiful and inspiring that I went out and bought myself an ice cream maker today (that my dad paid for as an early birthday/Christmas gift) for the first time after seeing these:

Ice Cream Sandwich 2 by ~bittykate on deviantART

Now I'm just looking for a cooke-cutter with scalloped edges.


  1. OhhhhH!!! You MUST listen to an interview on "The Splendid Table" on NPR with a woman named "Jenny" who makes icecream. Her recipes are AMAZING!

  2. I just watched it now and they sound so yummy! So you have her book I guess? Since her recipes didn't seem to be listed anywhere. I also added her book to my wishlist on Amazon :)

  3. I think there might be a recipe on NPR's website. Check out "The Splendid Table" and check the archives for the interview. She usually posts a recipe or two from her guests.

  4. You're right, there is one! I think I must have ignored it the first time I looked cause I don't like anything lemon-flavored but there is a variation for a blueberry version which I'll try :)