Friday, February 27, 2009

Lolcat of the Week

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Archbishop Seraphim comes to St. Seraphim

The church:

During the Liturgy:

During the meal of Blini afterwards. You can tell it's a Russian Orthodox church when the priest is holding a shot of vodka loll.


The little white Bichon Frisée is Chloé, the miniature Yorkshire is Mèsanges, they got her for free because she's blind, and the big Golden is Toby. They're my MIL's. She might be giving Toby away though, if she does my parents will take him.

Alleys and highways and omelette

For once I'm posting pictures of yesterday and TODAY! lol. I want to try to catch up and then keep up to date on all my pictures. I ended up not going to the mall finally because I got a lift home with a coworker instead, shortening my return trip by half. Yay! Later I'm gonna pack my bags cause I'm going back to my parents place up north in Rawdon for the weekend again so I can go to forgiveness vespers. Yay for attending 2 different parishes that use 2 different calendars! Lol.

I came across this when I took a walk on my lunch hour yesterday. I usually like graffiti if it's well done, like these:

Here's the alley where the graffiti was:

And a little house at the end of the alley:

Another alley further on under hwy 20:

A view across the lachine canal towards the Mount Royal that I found interesting:

And this is what I made this evening for dinner cause I didn't feel like waiting an hour and a half for a chicken leg to thaw and cook. 2 eggs with some white pepper, powdered fat-free chicken broth and a squirt of ketchup as seasoning, whisked up, cooked on medium-high heat in canola oil, grated some cheese on top and then covered the pan to let it all cook, served on toast with mayo, garlic salt and oregano. Delicious!:

Tired and crabby.

For some reason the blogs of note and blogger buzz tabs on my dashboard aren't working. It's my break in 5 minutes and I'm sooo eager for this day to be over. I'm gonna go to the mall this evening to bring my engagement ring to the jewellers to get it fixed. It got crooked and the holes on the inside where the diamonds are keep giving me blisters on my ring finger. I think I'll tell them to leave it crooked though because it's more comfortable that way. 2 more hours to go.

An exercise in gratitude

I found this today.

I'm gonna try to do this with pictures like she did.

Maybe this is a horrible thing to think, but I've been trying to decide whether or not to be grateful that I'm back together with Mat and I don't know. I feel like I don't know yet whether I've made a huge mistake or not so I can't decide what to feel about it. I know I can't know the future but still. I'm starting to get more interested in this idea of marriage counselling. But I have to wait till Mat starts his training, or even after that maybe, if I want to do the counselling through the army. I left a message for Fr. Pau to call me back tonight too.

Argh, work got busy. I guess I'll finish this once I have a spare moment to actually finish a thought.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This week has been ok. Monday was crazy busy though since we were missing 3 people. Monday morning I went to the doctor cause I'm always tired. She told me to go for blood tests and to keep a calendar of what I do to try to find out what might be making me tired. I'm probably gonna go for the blood tests on Monday morning since I only start at 10. Yesterday and today was routine, as usual. Tonight won't be though, I called Mat at lunch cause he wasn't home last night and he asked if I wanted to come over. So I'll sleep over and go to work from his place tomorrow :D I wonder if the fast allows wine today.. I have half a bottle left at his place. Lol tomorrow I'll finally be able to eat that frozen dinner that I keep forgetting at his place. Maybe I should just start stocking up some food there :P

Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Pictures Pt.2

Leave it to me to procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate and then get a months worth of photo blogging done ALL in one evening lol. Here are the pictures of some of the things I mentioned in this post, Pt. 1 is here.

The girls on my bed:

My delicious Dagwoods:

The Cinnabon, the best cinnamon buns in all of Quebec, with caramel and hard sauce and candied pecans *drool*:

The blue cheese we bought at the Atwater Market:

The Manchego (this stuff was great, not as great as the rosemary manchego I tried once though):

The Pain D'ange, a slightly soft cheese that tasted a lot like Swiss, didn't like it much:

The Piquant Truffé (om NOM NOM NOM!!!), spiky chocolate truffle dusted with cocoa, inside is chocolate mousse, chocolate-liqueur-soaked chocolate cake and caramel, I tell you it didn't last long between the 3 of us!!! Lol it wouldn't even have lasted long with just one of us!:

The amazing thin-sliced bacon I bought at the one of the butchers at the Atwater Market. I had been meaning to try some ever since I started reading Bacon Unwrapped, which unceasingly extols the virtues of any bacon NOT mass-produced and sold in a grocery store. They even have some double smoked bacon! Next time I go I'm gonna try that, the smokier the better!:

Here's some things I bought in Chinatown as well. I love trying weird stuff. Here's some "Roated Fish" lol. I didn't like it much finally, and threw it away:

Some Hawberry, which was actually yummy, but I can't find an adequate explanation of what it is. The wikipedia definition doesn't seem to fit what I had, like I mentioned here. The flavour is kind of like the spices you'd put in a pumpkin pie, cinnamon, cloves, etc., yet it has a coolness like mint at the same time. I don't know if any of these flavours are added to the original fruit. The texture is dry and hard:

And here's some yummy lobster chips that I had tried before, they melt a bit like cotton candy and stick to your tongue lol:

Me eating some for breakfast in pyjamas with my messy hair lol:

And I just love the Engrish on the bag :P (click for larger view):


Here's a kind of Japanese soft drink called Ramune that comes in a Codd Bottle. I bought some last time I brought my sister and her friend to Chinatown. I love the lychee flavored ones :D

It has a glass ball stuck in the opening at the top, that you have to remove, after which it falls into a narrowing of the neck of the bottle:

They provide a little plastic thingy stuck on top of the bottle under the wrapper to open it with:

And instructions:

And some funny labels:

And here I am in Chinatown :D