Friday, September 28, 2012

The Advent Conspiracy

I figured I'd blog about it right away since the shopping season is still a month away and I'm likely to forget by then. I think this idea is cool, but Orthodoxy pretty much teaches that anyways to begin with, so kind of a moot point for us :) Although it would be fun to answer questions as to why my Christmas tree is upside down XD (although not sure if that's a requirement of adherents to the Conspiracy, I didn't read the whole site, but would be fun to do anyways :D)

I found that website through an awesome blog I just discovered thanks to my mom called The Blind Cook, who anyone who watches cooking competition shows might know about already since she won one this year :) Go check her out!

This weekend I'm going to my parents place in the country with my friend Tiffany. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and Sunday but we'll make a campfire tonight and spend the rest of the weekend watching movies and cooking :) I can't wait!

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