Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hot dogs!

I'll start this with Christ is Risen! Le Christ est Ressucité!

Ok I recently discovered Nathan's hot dogs, they are not available in retail here in Montreal yet (except in large quantities from the distributor, which I got. And he's a great guy :D Oh and you can bet I'll be posting about it when they are!). They are in a few restos (Orange Julep, the Green Spot and Au Gros Jambon) so far though. I love them! Go buy them if you can. But that aside, I googled them and came up with this, a guy that made the hot dogs from the Michael Ruhlman book Charcuterie, which he says are even better than Nathan's. Of course lots of homemade things are better than their industrialized versions, so me, being the crazy foodie that I am thinks to myself: I must do this! Now in that link he doesn't give the recipe. But I remember reading about the Paupered Chefs making it a couple of years ago and posting the recipe! Jackpot! So now in my caffeine-fuelled hot dog frenzy, I announce to the masses that I WILL MAKE HOT DOGS!

I'm so happy I got that meat grinder/sausage stuffer for Christmas :D:D:D

I don't know when I'll get the time and money to do this, but it'll be posted here when I do. In the meantime I'll post that last link to my "cooking projects" board on Pinterest.


  1. Oh you poor Canadians! I can get Nathan's Hot Dogs at my local grocery store. We have several REALLY good hot dog restaurants in our city (transplants from New York and Chicago). I could live on hot dogs if pressed. Congratulations on finding a supplier!

  2. Well atm it's more like "you poor Quebecers!" cause they're already available in the rest of Canada. They will be available here soon though, the distributor will let me know when they are. Funny thing, he posted on my blog here and saw the picture in the header, then when I met up with him he asked me if I was Greek or Russian, cause my last name sure doesn't sound like either. I told him I'm a convert, turns out he's Orthodox (greek) too :P