Sunday, November 29, 2009

No spending and giving

This week when I got to the metro on the way to work, just outside there were people giving out slips promoting "No Spending Day" with an elastic to put around your wallet to remind you not to spend anything for the day:

And inside there were criers calling for donations for Christmas baskets while shaking their buckets and dancing:

This week Licorice was all snuggled up to the computer with her paw on my hand:

I tried a persimmon for the first time on Friday, it was delicious:

And here's Mat, his dad, and his brother after a few beers on Friday night:

Salad with shredded fake crab, 5-herb dressing and furikake this week:

And some mashed potatoes and carrots with spicy mesquite seasoning:

Here's some salsa that I added mashed black beans and canned corn to, it was delicious, had lots of coriander in it:

Here's a small lake near the pool where Mat's daughter had her swimming classes this morning. We had to wait for an hour so I took a walk:

Saw this too:

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