Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh how I love this neighborhood...

With it's $2 specials on a falafel pita trio! Especially on a Friday night when I don't want to cook.

I have started to find and list and dream of and drool over every restaurant in the neighborhood that I want to go to. And this neighborhood is well stocked, believe me. With a university campus supplying lots of poor students to keep prices down, and a large Asian population having earned this neighborhood it's name of Chinatown 2, as well as other ethnicities (Korean, Middle-Eastern, Brazilian, Japanese etc.), it's like having the united nations of food lying at my doorstep. And living downtown gives me a wealth of vegan and fasting food to choose from as well :)

There's the Roi du Wonton across the street, which I haven't been to yet but I've heard good reviews of, my favourite hamburger place Picks just half a block away, and another good one called Buns just around the corner, the Soup & Noodle between them both, then there's about 10 more on St-Catherine just a few blocks away that I have to go to, I'm too lazy to post them here :P And a few more on Lincoln (one street north), St-Mathieu (one street west), Maisonneuve (at the intersection of our street) and Guy-Concordia, and... there's too many to list lol. There's at least 3 Altaib Grill/Pizza places within a 5 block radius of here.

I was originally planning on visiting every restaurant starting with the closest ones, but I broke my "rule" to go to picks first thing after Pascha :P and then after reading that review of Kanbai, plus the fact that I had been meaning to go there for a while, well I had to go there too. Tonight I think I'll go to the Roi du Wonton with Carlo. Oh, and two of my favourite sub places, Dagwoods and Quiznos, within a 3 minute walk too! I'm glad I've started biking to work...

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