Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring, floods and biking

Things that have happened lately:

Spring has unofficially arrived, the snow melted really early this year (well in the city anyways...) and we're getting 10 degree Celcius weather already on a daily basis. Yay! Although I don't know if this means our summer will be unusually long and hot... I hope the air con in our new apartment works!

There was a minor flood in our front hallway following a "fixed" toilet in the apartment above ours... the (2 layers of them, thanks to the previous tenant/janitor) carpets are slowly molding and need to be ripped out, but the janitor says his supervisor won't let him do that, so I'll have to call the rental board to see what we can do... To boot the coffee machine at work broke and flooded a corner of the office the same day, AND it was raining outside! Water everywhere! Lol :P

On Monday I decided to be ultra-green and ultra-fit and ultra-exhausted/sore and start biking to work. Except I have no bike, so I looked up a used bike place online and my new (old) bike will be delivered tomorrow night! Thanks to my dad, who lent me the money for it :) I'm so excited! I haven't biked in... 10 years? The last bike I had was a used bike I got from a friend when I was in high school and then left in a storage locker when I moved out of one of my old apartments in 2004 because it was broken and I hadn't used it for a year or more.

There's a bike path right outside our building that heads a good ways to my job, and some seemingly quiet streets that go the rest of the way. There's also a bike path along the canal near my job but I don't need to go very far on that to get to work, a few hundred feet or so. I am planning on exploring it further during my lunch breaks though, if I'm not too sore from the ride to work.

According to Google maps it's supposed to take me 18-20 min. to bike to work, but I'm gonna give myself twice that just to make sure.

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