Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hotpot at home!

I'm so excited, I started chatting with the guy at the Chinese grocery store down the street and he gave me the idea of making hotpot at home. I love hotpot, and so do a bunch of friends I hang out with at the tams in the summer, so I can't wait to do this after Pascha! It'll be second on my list of ideas for meals to make to have friends over, the first being bbq! Hotpot is the more authentic version of Chinese fondue, you can buy the broth at the Chinese grocery and all the veggies and meat that go with it, it's completely different from the canned stuff you get at the grocery store. Anyways I'm off to try my seaweed rice crackers that I bought after reading about arare on wikipedia. Must go to the other Asian store nearby to get some arare, they didn't seem to have any at the Chinese store but maybe I didn't look well enough...

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