Wednesday, November 17, 2010

List of Fasting Recipes

I decided to make a list of fasting recipes to have on hand when I run out of ideas. I've gone through this blog to find recipes of my own as well as links to other recipes I have made or intend to make. I will continue to add to this list as time goes on. I've added notes as to whether or not I've made them before and how I liked them.

Portobello herb pizza - Ok, could use some changes, mushrooms were too dry so next time I'd toss them with oil, s&p, and roast separately then put on pizza and serve cold.

Mushroom palm heart pasta - Bleh, not making this again, I'm not a big fan of pasta with plain tomato sauce, or acidic things, and the canned palm hearts were too acidic for my taste.

Baba bruschetta - Yummy, will make again.

Veggie Plate - Yummy, will make again.

Roast ratatouille soup (omit basil mayonnaise for fasts) - Haven't made yet, looks amazing, will have to make it soon!

South-African tomato and onion soup
- Same as above.

Lightly curried mussel soup with fresh coriander - Same as above.

Roasted cauliflower with Indian spices
- Same as above.

Portobello salad and oyster appetizers - Yummy, will make again.

Father's beans dominicana - Same as above.

Lebanese chickpea soup - Delicious! It's a fasting staple for me now. Doesn't freeze very well though cause of the potatoes so make in smaller batches if need be.

Prayer soup - Yummy, will make again.

Homemade hummus -  Haven't made yet, looks amazing, will have to make it soon!

Teriyaki noodles with spinach and smoked oysters - It was ok, I seem to have left out the recipe but it's pretty simple, just boil some noodles and then fry them with teriyaki sauce, or fry and then add the sauce after, I'm not too sure which way I did it, then add spinach and canned smoked oysters.

Ramen noodles with smoked oysters and canned corn - Ok, but a bit plain.

Veggie Stirfry - Yummy

Thai rice noodles with shrimp and onion - Yummy, I'll have to make it again soon.

Cold oatmeal with cinnamon & sugar - Yummy, it's a staple for me that I've forgotten about and should eat more often.

Chickpea tomato sauce - Yummy! will have to make it again soon.


  1. A nice set of recipes for any time I think.

  2. Thank you! I'm always stumped for fasting recipes, always wondering what to cook. This will help a lot!

  3. A lot of those look really good. The wifey isn't a fan of mussels etc. but I'm sure I can substitute shrimp and not do a whole lot of violence to the recipes. Thanks!

  4. Evelyne: Thanks!

    Anastasia: You're welcome! I also refer to this list of fasting recipes sometimes , and there are lots of other websites with lists of fasting recipes if you search for "Orthodox fasting recipes" on Google.

    s-p: Please, butcher away! :P