Thursday, July 19, 2012

A veggie sandwich and an update

I'm a bad blogger, I didn't take a pic of the delicious open-faced sandwich I made yesterday cause I was too busy devouring it lol. Here's the recipe: slice half a large red onion and fry on med-high heat with 1 tbsp of oil and a sprinkle of salt till starting to be browned. While onions are frying toast two slices of homemade white bread. Spread thickly with ceasar salad dressing. Put a slice or two of tomato on each slice of bread. Top with onions. Devour. 

I've been busy making food for my other blog, too busy to blog about it in fact. Last weekend I ... I don't remember what I did lol. Nothing special apparently. This weekend on Saturday I'm gonna go to my sister's place an hour away (by public transportation, it's only half an hour by car) at the western tip of the island to help her shop and cook some stuff for her. She just moved out of my parents place two weeks ago, I'm so excited for her :D On Sunday church in the morning, visiting Steph to watch anime in the afternoon, then watching Mythbusters at home with Carlo in the evening.

Here's a pic of the giant thunderclouds that covered the sky seen from my job day before yesterday:

Edit: I don't know why the font is different for half of the text in this post... it doesn't show when I'm in editing mode and it won't change it back... Blogger seems to be having trouble with fonts lately, the title of my other blog is stuck in Comic Sans... *sigh*

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