Sunday, April 29, 2012


So I decided to use up a few odds and ends to make breakfast yesterday. I called it a Japancake. First you fry 3 slices of bacon on low heat till desired crispiness:

Then you drain off the bacon grease and flatten out some leftover rice in the bottom of the pan:

Over that you crack two eggs:

Then chop up the bacon and sprinkle that on top too:

Then grate cheese over the whole thing:

Put it on low heat:

Cover and let it cook for ~10 minutes:

It should look something like this:

And serve! Mmmm....

Next time I'm gonna whisk the eggs together and add some seasoning before pouring them over the rice, and fry some onions with the bacon to add as well.

I think this would go well on Shopsin's menu :P I've decided I must get a passport to be able to go there someday. If you go there make sure you know the rules! (mentioned in the Yelp reviews)

For dinner we went to Le Roi du Wonton like I had been meaning to. It was good! We got two kinds of wonton soup, dumplings in peanut sauce, and the twice-cooked pork. The wontons were big and flavorful, and the bowl had extra toppings :D There was seaweed, lettuce/cabbage, pickled veggies and some sliced omelette. Yummy!

Here's the dumplings in peanut sauce (the same ones used in the wonton soup)

And the pork. Sooo good! Served on top of an omelette fried with green onions, which was great with the sauce.

I'll definitely return there often seeing as it's right across the street from our place!

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  1. It looks like a version of "fried rice" my mom used to make for breakfast made from leftover rice from supper the night before. Substitute Spam for bacon, nix the cheese, add green onions, celery and finely chopped carrots. Soy sauce.