Sunday, October 4, 2009

Birthday plans, pets de soeur and tomato pie

Licorice was too cute to not take a picture of her sleeping like this:

Here's part 1 of the birthday plans, my first sugar pie. It looks good, I just hope it tastes good too. It'll be dressed with whipped cream, candles, and icing saying Happy Birthday in french later on:

Here's part 2 of the birthday plans lol:

And part 3 is this, a traditional Quebecois pastry called "pets de soeur", (literally translated means nuns farts lol) made with leftover dough from the pie crusts:

The pets de soeur are easy to make, just make the dough following this recipe, but instead of making it into pie crusts cut it into a rectangular shape, then spread it with butter, then sprinkle with lots of brown sugar and cinnamon, roll, and then either cut it into 2in. slices before baking, or leave it whole and bake as is depending on your preference, I did it both ways.

Finally, here's the tomato pie, it turned out to be insanely delicious, I ate half of it in one sitting lol. Even my brother in law, who doesn't like tomatoes, liked it! Now if only I could get Mat to try it lol. I added fried bacon, onions and garlic:

And I didn't have time to make the cookies finally... lol.


  1. Oh my. Like I always say, Everything's Better With Bacon. (And garlic couldn't hurt.)

  2. Lol I posted my last comment on your blog just before checking my email and seeing your comment :P I heartily agree that Everything's Better With Bacon!

  3. Oh, and my bugger of a brother-in-law ate the last slice that I had been saving for breakfast this morning! Argh! But in all fairness I hadn't specifically told him he COULDN'T have it so...
    I think I'll make another one tonight though, I have enough lard left over for the crust. I'll give him one slice and then tell him the rest is off limits! :P