Wednesday, October 21, 2009

List of things I want to cook

Within the next 6 months or so if I have a chance:

Butterbeer (made it and will make again)
Oatmeal with egg (made it)
Patty melt (made it and will try again sometime)
Yorkshire pudding
Pecan pie bars
Pumpkin swirl brownies
Korean pancakes
Bacon mayo
Lemon pepper nuts
Sweet potato quesadillas
Homemade pizza margherita
My mom's leek or cabbage soup
My mom's cheese biscuits, to go with the soup
Homemade apple cider
Glazed maple pecan cookies
Gizzard rillettes
Chawan mushi
My friend Stephan's Best Sushi Ever TM
Beaver Tails
Butter Tarts
Chicken pie
Pork Rillettes
These cheese recipes
Chopped liver

And there's two places I really want to go for food soon as well, Ikea and the polish butcher shop near my job. I'll ask Mat to bring me for my birthday :D I miss Swedish meatballs and Swedish caviar on flatbread with cheese, sooo yummy!!

I didn't make the butterbeer last night finally, I would have had to buy beer, I'll wait till this weekend instead.

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