Saturday, October 24, 2009

Butterbeer and oatmeal with egg!

So this afternoon in addition to shopping, listening to tech house, and fighting with the wireless internet on hubby's computer so I could listen to said tech house, I made the butterbeer and the oatmeal with egg. The butterbeer turned out delicious:

I used Tuborg beer, I figured I'd get something slightly better than the standard Bud or Blue. Note: 60g of sugar = 5tbsp and 15g butter = 1tbsp:

Here's the oatmeal with egg. Like she said, you don't really taste the egg at all, which is great if you want to get your kids to eat it lol. I tried a savoury version with a bit of butter added in, and some powdered fat-free chicken broth and white pepper on top (hence the yellow color). It definitely confused my tastebuds that were expecting the usual sweet flavor along with that texture, but after a bit I got used to it and it's actually yummy. I'll have to eat it again soon, as well as a sweet version too:

Now I have to go do laundry and fiddle with the wires behind my computer desk again. Mat's computer and playstation have finally been moved to the livingroom, yay! Now I just have to buy him a nice pair of comfy headphones as an early Christmas present so I can sleep without a pillow over my head (hey, it's an improvement over earplugs and a face mask! :P). And I have tons of Dagwoods to finish off cause they had a special of buy one sandwich get a second small one for 20 cents :D

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