Saturday, October 31, 2009

Qing Hua Dumpling and Chinatown

So today I finally got around to going to Qing Hua Dumpling with my friend Stephan. Here he is in front of the restaurant laughing at me cause I was standing in the middle of the street in the rain trying to take this picture and hold my umbrella and not get my camera wet all at the same time lol:

Here's the front door:

Inside, very nice decor:

Our table:

And... the dumplings! I got a 1/2 order of cabbage mushroom and a 1/2 order of pork and shrimp, they were delicious:

We also wandered around Chinatown a bit. Here's some "wife cookies" they had at a bakery:

Here's a cross-section of the ox-tongue pastry, you can see it's a different texture in the middle:

More pastries:

Here's some ornamental cabbage that I mistook for roses at first sight at a flower shop in Chinatown, they're so pretty!:

Here's the view from my livingroom window today:

The chandelier at the Red Ruby in Chinatown. I want to go there for dim sum sometime too:

The two-toned sky on the way to work the other morning:

This morning I was woken up at 9am by one of those pneumatic bolt-tightener-thingies since the janitor and his friends had decided to set up a makeshift garage under my balcony so they could put their winter tires:

Simple breakfast is delicious:

We didn't go to Ikea finally cause Mat wanted to sleep in, we'll go next weekend instead. It's just as well cause I'll be out of money after I pay the rent and my buss pas lol.

So it's all set, I've invited a bunch of friends to Kam Fung for my birthday dinner on the 15th, I can't wait:D


  1. I just discovered your blog and just wanted to say hi! I'm Orthodox, too! I'm excited to have someone to commiserate with during the Nativity fast!

  2. Welcome! Nice to meet you:) I looked at your profile and I think you might like Hehe, we can trade fasting recipes! :D