Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Internet addiction and other things (warning: coffee-fuelled rambling)

Yesterday I got up at 11am (been months since I got up that late! It was so nice!) and gave my parents dog a bath and then tried unsuccessfully to blow-dry him, he was terrified of the blow dryer. At around 4pm Mat arrived and we had a nice turkey dinner with my dad, my mom had already eaten and my sister wasn't home yet. The food was delicious, I'll post up the picture when I get home this evening if I have time.

Afterwards we sat and talked a bit and then left at around 5:15, and got home at 7:00. We watched The Proposal, then Mat and his brother stayed up late talking, and I puttered around the apartment doing random stuff till 1:00am or so. This morning Mat gave me a lift to work and I had a much-needed cup of coffee to get me through the day. Tonight I'm going to make sure I'm in bed by 10pm lol. I have a list of 14 things to do, only half of which absolutely have to be done tonight (make dinner, clean cat litter etc., "go to bed at 10pm" being one of them :P)

I decided to cancel the taekwondo courses for the moment, the money being needed badly elsewhere. I might try after Christmas instead, depending on our financial situation. And maybe it's just as well, my right knee has been feeling out of whack for the past few days, I'm not sure if it would have been good to strain it any further. Or maybe the stretching would have been good for it? I don't know.

Earlier on plime I found this article. I found it very interesting, it's about internet addiction. It reminds me of when I was in college and I'd skip class almost daily to spend the entire day at the computer labs till 10pm (I ended up dating one of the technicians, and also failing two semesters in a row and dropping out lol). I remember back then I would go visit my parents and spend the entire weekend in front of the computer, to my parents annoyance.

Thankfully I'm nowhere near as bad any more, the most time I spend on the internet is at work between calls, nowadays I have a list of sites I check every day, and if those don't occupy me for long enough I have to search to find something to do on the internet. It used to be that I never had enough time to do everything I wanted to on the internet! And lately I've been leaving my laptop at home untouched for days at a time during the week, to Mat's great surprise. The other day he joked and said I must be sick, I hadn't touched my laptop at home in 4 whole days! lol.

A few months ago my routine was get home, take off shoes, turn on computer, log in to msn, start preparing dinner while going on the internet, eat dinner in front of computer, put away dishes and spend the rest of the evening on the computer. Nowadays it's come home, take off shoes, say hi to cats, hubby and roommate, make dinner, do a few household chores/watch movie or House with Mat/do other random stuff that isn't computer-related, do before-bed routine, go to bed. I started simply having less and less things to do on the internet in the evening, sometimes I found myself sitting down in front of the computer with dinner only to stare at the screen and wonder what to do.

With Mat and Max living with me now I'm kept busy with other stuff. Sometimes I find myself still cooking at 9pm on nights when I decide to make myself something different than what the guys are eating (sometimes cause they're picky/difficult, sometimes cause I'm fasting), or do extra cooking like the breakfast cookies I made the other night. Or when I've come home late to begin with if I stop at the grocery store cause it's on the way home from work. When I don't stop on the way home I usually get home at around 6:45 pm, and try to be in bed by 10pm, which leaves me just over 3 hours to do everything. My evenings pass by really fast, especially on those days when I get home from work and just want to flop on my bed and take it easy lol. And it's even worse because I can be really scatterbrained, sometimes I find myself going to the kitchen to get something, I see something else entirely that needs to be done in the kitchen, do that, and return to the bedroom only to realize I've forgotten to get what I wanted in the first place. Repeat x10. And when I'm really tired the whole process just slows down, with me sitting and staring into space for minutes at a time, when I should be hurrying to get to bed, like last night.

Lol my roommate this summer used to joke when I'd say goodnight and reply "yup, see you in 5 minutes!", which was quite true cause I'd always come back to do this or that that I'd forgotten about and ABSOLUTELY HAD to be done. I'm slowly learning that some things CAN wait till the next day if it will gain me an hour more of sleep :P

Mat just called to say he'll be picking me up after work tonight, yay! I'll be home half an hour earlier than usual :D

Sorry for the long rambling post, I think it's the coffee. I very rarely drink coffee, but when I do this seems to be the result.

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