Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin swirl brownies

I have to make these soon!!

So my brother-in-law decided on the spur of the moment to move out last night. He wasn't moving in with the best of roommates considering his past experiences with the guy, but he wouldn't be persuaded otherwise. On the bright side, as soon as I have some extra money I'm going to the Salvation Army to get a computer desk so we can move the computer/playstation/stereo setup into the livingroom so it won't be BESIDE THE BED any more!!! I can't wait! Earplugs, a face mask and a pillow over your head can only do so much...

Argh I'm gonna have to hang up on the lady at the bank who put me on hold if she doesn't come back within the next two minutes cause my break will be over...

I've rented yet another time waster the other day, Mirror's Edge. I started it last night and ended up going to bed way too late. Tonight I'll just have to skip dinner and everything else to make it to bed on time if I want to play lol.

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