Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kludged dinner and coffee marinade

So I finally made the coffee marinade among the other stuff I did today, I'll let it soak overnight:

I modified the recipe to what I had, white onion instead of red, white vinegar instead of balsamic, ceasar dressing instead of russian, dried rosemary instead of fresh, and white pepper instead of black.

I kludged together some leftover hot chicken sandwich of Mat's with lots of cheese, salt and pepper mixed together, but I found it dry so I mixed some dijon and mayo and put that on top:

A random pic of the view from the corner near my church that I think I haven't put up yet:

I meant to make the tomato pie tonight but it was already 8pm by the time I started making the dough cause I didn't buy a pre-baked crust so I just made the dough and left it to chill overnight. I'll make it tomorrow along with the breakfast cookies and something else for Mat's birthday :D

I think the korean pancakes and bacon mayo will have to wait till next weekend.

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