Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chinatown Oct. 09

I went to Chinatown last weekend after church to get some goodies:

Here are some "Baked Pork Cokies", I should have gotten one but didn't. I'll get one tomorrow:

This is Ox-Tongue pastry, it's really yummy, like a fried doughnut with dough of a different texture in the middle that gets all crunchy and yummy when it's fried:

Some red bean mooncakes for the Chinese mid-October festival:

And I saw this in one of the bakeries too, it made me laugh:

I went to Stephan's place afterwards to eat my goodies and watch Appleseed. He's got the longest hair of anyone I know:

In Chinatown I bought some sweet pork buns and some pork with mustard greens, it was really yummy:

And an apple flavored drink with aloe vera chunks in it:

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