Saturday, May 8, 2010

The wonders of velcro, sunshine, flowers, and Dic Ann's

When I got to Steph's place yesterday I noticed he had a new setup involving velcro in his livingroom lol:

It's so nice I finally have sun in my livingroom when I get home from work in the evening now:

Here's my lipstick plant blooming:

Last Thursday I got an email from Cheap Ethnic Eats announcing that the next meetup would be at Dic Ann's on the 14th, but I really wanted to try some right away after reading about it so I went there with Mat that evening. Here's the NDG location:

Inside they had bobble-heads lined up in the windows:

And old license plates and hockey sticks on the walls:

I had a double cheeseburger:

And Mat had their poutine:

They were really yummy, and the sauce was good too. It was a bit spicy for my taste but endurable. I went there again this afternoon with Steph, Dou, and Jen.

I'm so happy the weather will be ok for going to the Tamtams tomorrow afternoon. All week it was supposed to be raining, but now it's only gonna rain in the morning, although it'll be cloudy and cold and windy the rest of the day. I don't mind though, it'll be nice just to be outside with friends.


  1. Hey, thank you for your positive comments about the yummy burgers at Dic Ann's. I am the son of Dic and Ann, the founders of Dic Ann's (57 years ago) As I see that your site goes by the moniker (title) of Kyrie Eleison, might I suggest that you listen to a very rare recording, done by the "Electric Prunes", in 1968....the LP was called "Mass in F minor" and "Kyrie Eleison" was one of the songs that they recorded...somewhat simple and crude, but nevertheless very imaginative...check it out, as the Electric Prunes other lp's "I had too much to dream last night" and "Underground" are perhaps the most underrated influential albums of the psychedelic 60's sound ...take this from someone who was there at the tyme! Take care, Dominic (

  2. Might I add that I really like your candles/religious icon homepage visuals...really nice! Happy Christmas to you and your family!! Dominic

  3. Is that like the end of this blog? Happy Easter 2012!!!!!!

    1. Happy Easter 2012! Dominic and the gang at Dic Ann's !!!!

  4. Is this thread dead?????

  5. I guess it's up to "Chocolatesa"....Dic Ann's is still alive and well.....Merci, mes amies!