Monday, May 10, 2010

Look what I had for dinner!

Loll I found something interesting at the Eurodel today:

And decided to buy it out of curiosity.

Upon opening it didn't look too appetizing, but then again a lot of canned things don't:

The smell was very bay-leafy. But the look and smell didn't deter me.

I took a chunk out and tasted it, it had a varied texture, some fatty bits and some meaty bits. The flavor was not bad. It could be compared to canned pet food, which I have tried before. But then again so could rillettes, and you don't see anyone complaining about the texture of that.

So I stuck it in the microwave:

Then put it on some bread with some salt and pepper, kind of like rillettes. Not bad either. Don't know how quickly I'll be able to finish off the whole can though. I can always leave it outside for the stray cats if need be. It reminded me of some "Steve, Don't Eat It!" episodes.

I also bought some Bavarian sausages:

and delicious salted herring too.

The sausages were really yummy, similar texture to a hot dog except the casing had a nice snap to it, and they had some real smoke flavor. Would be delicious fried or in a sandwich, or both.

I was also surprised to see some kimchi at the eurodel, I thought kimchi was primarily an Asian thing, not European. It was good, more vinegary than those I've tasted before though:

Oh and my main course was actually some Dagwoods, all this was just dessert.


  1. I think I'll stick with Spam. The sausage looks yummy. I like it and Kielbasa sliced thin fried crisp with potatoes and eggs. Kimchee is one of the most awesome pickled creations on earth, but quality does vary a lot. I've settled on "King's" (I think that's the name), usually available at major grocery store chains actually.

  2. I have yet to try Kielbasa, there's a little polish charcuterie near my job that I've been meaning to go to for a while now. I'll have to do that soon.