Monday, May 3, 2010

A Snake and Larping Dress-up

I had so much fun at the tamtams yesterday. It was supposed to be stormy, but it wasn't! :D

There was a guy with a snake:

He was snake-sitting for his friend apparently, but let me hold the snake anyways:

And then I dressed up in armor for the fun of it lol. The snake-guy lent me his chainmail, and I borrowed the rest from Elias:

With a dagger and Carlo's tower shield

And then Carlo told me "Ok now look mean!" loll:

And here's Elias:

And carlo with his new tower shield:

I got pics of two nice armors:

"The Bumblebee" (a.k.a ninja warrior):

I had been meaning to take a pic of him but was too shy, until I noticed him posing for someone else halfway across the field so I grabbed my camera and ran up and got a pic :D Oh, and that's not plastic, it's metal lol.

And this guy was sitting down resting when I walked up and asked him if I could take a pic, and when I asked him if he could stand up, he said "nope!" lol. So I asked if he was gonna get up later, he replied he would, so I told him "ok, I'll wait" and plunked down to watch the fighting till he got up:

His armor is even prettier in the sunshine, it's all shiny! the first time I saw it from far away I thought it was metal or plastic, not leather. He was looking quite gruff in that pic because apparently he had just gotten hit in the eye and it was quite painful. He was ok though, he got up to keep fighting.

And here are the rest of the larping pics from yesterday:

And there was strawberry daiquiri and chinese pastries too :D I'll post more tomorrow.