Saturday, May 8, 2010

Black Watch Bagpiper

Last Sunday on the way back from the Tamtams I heard bagpipes playing near Place des Arts metro station when I got off the bus so I went to investigate and there was this guy playing in the corner behind the black watch building:

So I sat down across the parking lot to listen for a while:

Here's the front of the building:

I had some company while I stayed to listen too:

We applauded when he finished and he tipped his hat to us :D

Here's the graffiti on the other side of the parking lot:

And the sakura tree beside the metro station:

Then when I got off the bus near my place there was a nice little sunset:


  1. Yes that piper would have been me. I can play on and on for a Ginger haired lass! ;-)

  2. Loll :D But how did you find this post?

  3. A friend of mine is a webmaster and former Pipe Major of the Regiment and he always does searches for stuff like this. If you would like to hear a few more tunes sometime, I think weekends are the only time I can head down to do that for now. If you are nearby and hear pipes, could very well be me! ;-)

  4. LOL it's funny you mention the tamtams. I used to go their occasionally and try to play along, but the last time I get sent off by this snooty guy who was seemingly "directing" the percussions... as if such a thing is even necessary! Ahh the memories.

  5. Haha cool :P

    I used to be a member of the Rawdon Pipes & Drums band for a few months in high school. They came recruiting at school and I was basically told "You look like you'd make a great drummer! Sign here, see you on Tuesday night at 7pm!" loll.

    So I practiced on a mat for a few months till I got fed-up of waiting to have my own drum and quit :P I have a friend who played pipes for a few years too.

  6. Lol bagpipes at the tams! I'd love to see that :D When was that? You should try again sometime, except in whichever group he's not "directing". There are two groups usually.

  7. bagpipe music loving people unite! We have nothing to lose but our liver! :-)

  8. ROFL!!! Yes! I'll have a glass of Glenmorangie to toast to that! :P

  9. Well look who just flew in to the convo... my cousin Rob. LOL!

  10. Not really my cousin, but he is a McCarthy, and a friend in the piping circles.

    Of course I play at Ogilvy from time to time, if you like pipes. There is a piper every day between 12 and 1pm.

    Take care!

  11. What's Ogilvy?

    My friend Carlo that I go to the Tamtams with used to be a member of the Black Watch. Maybe you'd know him? I have pics of him in previous posts.