Thursday, May 27, 2010

Buns, Picks and other stuff

I went to both Buns and Picks today. It was my first time going to Buns, and it's delicious:

Then I stopped back at Picks for a Kogo:

Here's a kind of flower at the grocery store that I had never seen before:

A mural on the wall next to a torn-down building. I wonder how long ago it was that a pack of 20 smokes was 25 cents?

And here's the delicious roast boar that Steph made on Monday night:

We had been having a couple of days of really hot weather and finally had a thunderstorm to cool things of yesterday. Except it suddenly turned into a flash monsoon for about 5 minutes:

During the monsoon:

And after:

We lost the power for a few minutes, and this morning I saw some downed power lines and broken tree branches lying around.

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