Saturday, May 22, 2010

Korean Oddities, Picks, and Pics

This week I decided to stop downtown to visit a Korean/Japanese store on St. Catherines and ended up going to Picks, a burger place I had read about, as well.

Here are some odds and ends I got at the Asian store, some walnut cakes, which had red bean paste and walnuts inside, they're really yummy with hot coffee:

Some noodles with funny packaging, which I haven't tried yet:

And some fish sausage, which was ok but I won't buy it again:

When I read this review I decided that I had to go there sometime, and I happened across it as I was walking down St-Catherine looking at all the other restos. I'm so glad I did! I should have taken a pic of the place from the outside, but I forgot. Oh well, next time. It's a really tiny place with 3 stools at the window and 3 chairs at a table (they've removed the atm and garbage cans since the picture in the review was taken), and a counter where you pick what you want on your burger by highlighting the options on a slip of paper. I got a burger with pickle, lettuce, smoked gouda, bacon, and aioli:

It was amazing. And of course I had to get one of their Kogos:

Which was also amazing. The batter is light and fluffy and crispy, not at all like regular pogo batter. SO much better. I can't wait to go back sometime!

and I came across a hotel flying a Habs flag lol:

Here are some other pics I took this week. Here's a moth that was on the wall outside at work:

And some spring flowers growing on a bush I found while taking a walk along the Lachine Canal during my lunch hour:

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