Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tamtam 02-05-2010

Sitting there in the sun with a drink in my hand listening to this guy play and watch the larpers have fun was great:

Carlo had to leave for work around 5pm, and I stayed a bit longer, then went to say bye to Elias and leave. As I was walking off, Elias came running up to me and asked me for his phone back, which I had completely forgotten about lol. I had put it in my pocket after I nearly dropped it in my drink in the cupholder of the chair lol. So I came this close to walking off with Elias' phone :P

Here's Elias:

As I was leaving I came across the Kappa Couple, eating takeout in the park:

And the tightrope walkers practicing:

Then decided to stop by the tamtam corner for a bit:

There weren't many people there due to the thunderstorms forecast (that never arrived).

I also spotted the one legged pirate:

I'm gonna go have to talk to that guy someday!

Then I went to visit the spot in front of the statue where the other group was playing:

Again it wasn't as packed with people as I've seen it before.

Here are some pretty trees surrounding a monument. Forgot to take a closeup of the monument:

And here are some spectators sitting on top of one of the lion statues:

And by then it was about 7pm so I left to go home. The last bit to come tomorrow hopefully.

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  1. TIghtrope walking is one of those things that becomes more and more amazing the more you think about it...