Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Montreal food bloggers! I have found you at last!!!

In the midst of my headachy tiredness I've been going crazy over all the AMAZING food I've just discovered here in Montreal via internet.

Previously my perusal of Montreal food on the internet was pretty much limited to the Montreal board of Chowhound and reading UTHC. I knew there was more than that (aside from all the usual fancy expensive resto review sites, I wanted something more in my budget bracket) and was wondering where it all was. And now I've struck the mother-lode, the list of Montreal food blogs on!!! I also came across Beer And Butter Tarts, a compilation of Canadian food blogs, which is cool too, but it kind of sucks to read a raving restaurant review about some great food and not be able to go there.

I've been slowly going through them all to decide which ones to follow, and the one I love the most so far is Shut up and Eat. It's so much fun to read this blog! And the best part is: I can go to these places!!! (and they mostly seem in my price range too!!)

So I'm gonna get busy drooling over some more food porn in anticipation of where I'm gonna eat tomorrow night :D

Oh, and this all reminds me of my idea of organizing a grub crawl with friends across Montreal sometime soon :D Hmmmm... *plots to herself*

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