Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This is good. Especially this, found in the comments, which I have thought to myself before:

But something hideous happens in conversation that goes on too long, when two or more people start wondering what to talk about. At this point, they should either tell good stories, sing good drinking songs, or get up and go home. But they don't, and choose boorishness instead.

Lol next time I don't know what to say I can resort to a good drinking song! :P

I can be pretty introverted depending on the social setting (work is a good example), and often don't know what to say, or don't want to say anything, or both. And guess what. I'm trying to (or SHOULD try to) encourage this tendency in myself, contrary to what a lot of people would encourage an introverted person to do: be more outgoing and chatty.

Introverts unite!

One thing that has always made me squirm is to be stuck in a social setting with one other person who you don't really know but are expected to make conversation with. An example is at lunchtime at work. My lunch hour was recently moved forward, placing me in the same timeslot for lunch as another coworker of mine. We're usually there in the lunchroom, saying nothing and me feeling absolutely uncomfortable about the lack of conversation because I feel like she thinks I'm being antisocial and am avoiding her or something. But I can't just go out and explain myself and say that, you know? So I put up with feeling uncomfortable every lunch hour, and try to eat as fast as possible. She tried striking up a conversation the first few times but after failed attempts at conversation-like replies on my part it petered out pretty quickly.

Such is life. And I've been thinking of abandoning facebook too, or at least Restaurant city. Definitely restaurant city. And I have to go now cause I'm almost done.

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