Sunday, July 12, 2009

Homemade brownies and cheesy poofs

Here's the brownies I made, they turned out delicious:

And the cheesy poofs, I put too much salt in them but I still have half a batch of dough left that I'll mix with another half batch that I'll make tomorrow without salt to even it out. The ones I made tonight went to Scott, who liked them just fine lol:


  1. Looks yummy. Did you do the Parmesan on them?

  2. Yup! Thanks for the recipes :) Although next time I'll bake them at 350 cause they didn't get that crispy, my oven must be cooler than yours.

  3. Oh and I added a teaspoon of smoky paprika too, which made them really yummy and added some orange colour since I used white cheddar.