Monday, July 27, 2009

Cheese Strata

Trying this tonight, with bacon of course.

Hey, maybe I should blog about my weekend, I haven't written anything in a few days.

So on Friday Mat called me and said that finally he had to come back to Montreal to pick up his brother on the south shore so he'd come pick me up at the same time and what did I want packed in my bag for the weekend. So he picked me up and we drove to his dad's place and... I don't remember what we did Friday night lol. Oh yeah, I remember sitting on the front porch watching Max and Mat spread dirt over the sand on the front yard to grow a lawn on later. I did laundry and got the new bedroom in the basement ready, vacuumed up what I could of the plaster dust and moved away some tools and paint buckets and inflated the mattress and made the bed.

Saturday morning we were up at 7am (ugh!) and we got up and I made crepes for breakfast and then me and Mat sat watching tv through the hammering and sawing coming from downstairs, and then left to go do some errands. When we got back we had a nap (so nice!), then Mat left to go pick up his daughter at around noon, and I cleaned up the house and me and his dad had some pizza while he was gone. After he got back we sat outside most of the afternoon watching his daughter run around on her scooter and having a few beers and the guys worked on the back yard.

I did some more laundry and started the dishwasher too. At around 7pm I started fixing up the bbq/grill/campfire-oven-thingy and getting some coals nice and hot for dinner. So I made some chicken breasts and some tournedos, and Michel (Mat's dad) went to get some fries at the Belle Pro.

The chicken breasts (which I don't like to begin with) turned out dry and charred, despite my layering tons of bbq sauce on them, mainly because Mat kept putting new wood under them saying they needed direct flames to cook (the carefuly piled glowing coals weren't enough???), and the fact that I had a few beers and insisted on putting them UNDER the tin foil pie plate, instead of on top lol. Oh well they ate the chicken anyways and the tournedos were amazing med-rare with some spicy mesquite. I didn't have any toothpicks to hold the strips of fat on so I just spiced them up too and cooked them up on the side and ate them all to myself lol. Hey, I asked the others if they wanted them and they declined. Their loss. So all that took till about 10pm or so, and then I gave Mat's daughter her bath in Michel's giant claw-foot bath, and then she went downstairs to watch pinocchio with Mat and then I took one myself. It was so nice, I nearly fell asleep in the bath lol. I dragged myself out of the bath finally and put on my jammies and cleaned up the kitchen and then went to get some blankets and went to bed.

Then on Sunday we were up at 7:15 again (urgh) and drove Mat's daughter to her swimming class, then back to Montreal

through pelting rain to drop me off at church. I was 10 minutes late but so was the Liturgy so it was ok :P Then after church I went home and had a nap while Mat and Max played Master of Orion, then at around 4pm I went to the Shish Poulet with Scott. I found a piece of cardboard in my sandwich and got a free one, yay! :P And while the guy was wrapping up the second sandwich he told me "this time you'll find a 42" plasma screen tv, ok?" :P So I had a free sandwich for lunch today :D After that we went to the grocery store and picked up lots of Pepsi since it was on sale and Mat drinks nothing but that. When we got home Mat managed to accidentally throw an entire case of pepsi cans OVER HIS SHOULDER which resulted in a spectacular landing on it's end spraying pepsi like crazy all over the inside of the plastic wrapper lol. Mat swore, and we debated whether or not to leave it right there in the parking lot, it seemed like they were all busted open, every last one of them was crushed and bulging at the top, and covered in pepsi. Finally we brought it with us, and I washed them off and turned them upside down one by one to see how many were actually open, and it turns out there were only 4.

After that I don't remember what we did the rest of the evening, oh yeah, putting away clothes unpacking and tidying/cleaning.

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