Saturday, April 24, 2010

More food from Lotus Bleu, a mystery seasoning, and sunshine!

Me & Mat went to the Lotus Bleu again last night. Lol I think it's starting to become a Friday-night ritual for us :P.

I took a picture of the seedy little asian store across the street. Will have to go in there sometime to check it out:

Here's the menu, with our choices circled. It turned out they didn't have the twice-sauteed pork or the pork and chives dumplings so we got the stewed beef and the pork and chinese cabbage dumplings instead:

Mat eating with chopsticks:

I'm so proud! :D This is the guy who NEVER tries anything new. Lol I'm glad they didn't have the twice-sauteed pork on the menu, it forced him to try something else! :P Ok he ended up not liking the beef, but at least he tried it! Now if only I could convince him to try the lamb soup...

Here's the edible fungus:

It was crunchy and didn't have much flavor, and the texture was weird, but I liked it :) Mat wouldn't touch it of course :P

Here are the dumplings, they were really yummy:

And the stewed beef, which had the same seasonings as the sheep's stomach so it tasted the same except it was beef:

It was served cold since it was an appetizer, and Mat didn't like it much because there was too much fat in it. I explained to him that in Chinese cuisine the fat and chewy bits are prized and considered delicious as well as the meat.

I also went to the depanneur (convenience store) beside to take out some cash and ended up buying some Mystery Seasoning:

There were only two of these on the shelf, just like that, no seal or cover, with no label underneath, nothing lol. It was so random! I asked the guy what it was and he said he didn't know how to explain it, it was a seasoning, like for soups and other stuff. So I said ok and bought it just cause it was so weird lol. When I tasted it it didn't taste much, and I spat it out for fear it was something other than seasoning, what, I don't know lol. My dad joked and said maybe it was some sort of illegal aphrodisiac lollll:P

This morning I got up and was greeted with sunshine! :D I love sun. Here's the view from my bedroom:

And the view from my livingroom:

Ok today I have lots of stuff to do, check what time the grocery store and the post office open, eat breakfast, take a shower, go to the grocery store to buy ingredients for more Scottish shortbread and Nanaimo bars to make for Sonia for her birthday, then to the post office, then go home and make all the goodies and then leave for Sonia's place at around 3pm to visit for a while, then come home, have dinner and do laundry and other cleaning, and some internet. Phew!

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  1. Thanks for the links to the 'other' Lotus Bleu...will have to check it out....yum...dumplings!