Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Salad and Nanaimo bars

I made a salad last week with some leftover iceberg lettuce I had, and tossed the brown leaves to Licorice. She loves salad:

Here's the salad:

It consists of a quarter head of iceberg, sliced, with a sliced avocado, a handful of grape tomatoes cut in half, a few tablespoons of cold leftover fried onions and mushrooms (that I fried with a bit of spicy mesquite), some homemade vinaigrette, salt & freshly ground white pepper. Delicious! The fried onions really made it yummy.

I ate it with some amazingly good bread I bought that I dipped in some store-bought sundried tomato & oregano vinaigrette. It was actually really yummy!:

And here's a pic of one of the nanaimo bars I made with Stephan last week before I cut it up. I decided to double the layer of chocolate on top cause I love chocolate, but the whole thing ended up being too thick, and too little of the middle layer compared to the top and bottom. Next time I'll do the same, except double the middle layer as well and split the recipe into 2 pans instead of 1 to make it thinner. And I think I'll try rolling out the bottom layer before putting it in the pan to make it a bit more even. It turned out really yummy though, despite being too thick:

I can't wait to re-try this recipe after Lent!

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