Sunday, April 18, 2010

My weekend in pictures (and a few videos) April 17-18 2010

I'm listening to a great track by Anna Kiss :D

So yesterday after I did some tidying and dishes I met up with Stephan to go to the Lotus Bleu again. I ordered the garlic celeri appetizer, and the daoko chicken, steph had the thai rice with beef, and the sweet & sour soup. Everything was delicious except for the soup, which we didn't really like. Afterwards I paid and then asked the girl what was in the fridge/display case they had, and she said it was sheep's stomach stuffed with garlic and chili. She gave me a tiny sliver to try, and it was really yummy so I bought some to go. Here it is:

Here's the soup:

The delicious daoko chicken:

And the celeri salad:

I forgot to take a picture of the thai rice with beef, but it wasn't that interesting to look at anyways lol. It was delicious too, I think I even preferred the beef to the chicken, I had never tasted beef like that before!

Afterwards we stopped at the Chinese grocery nearby. I got some delicious yellow mangos. I swear I've never had a bad one:

I was surprised to see these there, and grabbed some, they were reeeeally good:

Some dry rice cakes, they were ok but really needed to be dipped in tea or milk:

Some pork mini buns, which I ended up giving to Steph because I found them too sweet:

And then these. I joked and said they were the Chinese version of Pocky cause they were right above them on the shelf lol:

I got some yummy cassava chips:

And this looked interesting, so I got it:

Steph made some and it turned out that there was so little actual cereal in it that it was more like almond-flavored hot chocolate lol.

After that we went back to his place at around 5:30 and watched some more Gungrave and then I made the pork buns for dinner. We didn't follow the instructions though and they got burnt to the bottom of the rice cooker lol. They were still edible though.

I stayed up pretty late, we had a few glasses of Glen Garioch and joked around on msn with his friend, I sent her a video I took of Steph talking to her just to tease him lol, lots of fun:

Here's the Glen Garioch in one of Steph's fancy glasses:

I slept over in his roommate Christelle's bed since she was gone for the weekend, and
today we got up around 11am and then went to the convenience store across the street for some bacon and eggs, and had breakfast, then went to the SAQ (Societé des Alcools du Quebec) and the grocery store. I got some amazing asian pears, one brown and one yellow. They look like big apples, and taste like sweet pear, but the texture is nothing like a regular pear, they're light and crisp, the texture is amazing. Steph bought some last weekend too and I tried some for the first time and was amazed by it. Here are the pears:

I bought some Gloji, at first I didn't get the name until I realized that the bottle was in the shape of an upside-down lightbulb lol. I didn't like the flavor though so I gave it to Steph:

At the SAQ I nearly bought a bottle of Glenmorangie, which Steph had let me try once and I really liked, but chickened out at the price finally and got some Frangelico instead:

And here's the view northwest out of Steph's bedroom, which when I move in will be the view from my bedroom as well:

And here's a tour of his apartment, which will be mine as well come end of June:

After the grocery store and the saq we went back to his place and then we left, him to his dad's place and me to mine.

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