Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthday party, Tamtams and Smokemeat Pete's

It's friday! I finally have time to blog, and I'm listening to some nice tech house, RioTGeaR presents - Mocean District 031 :D

Last Saturday I made some nanaimo bars, and modified the recipe again, splitting it into two pans this time, and doubling the amount of middle layer. I wasn't able to whip it though (no electric mixer) so I stuck it in the microwave instead hoping to soften it enough to whip but melted it instead and had to pour it in lol. It turned out ok anyways. And I used store-bought graham crackers. The bars were thinner this time, which was good, but I forgot to put the cinnamon in on top of the middle layer so I had to sprinkle it on top and it wasn't as good. Probably cause my cinnamon sucks lol. I'm gonna go to that spice shop this weekend and get some more :D

Then I ran off to my friend Sonia's place for her birthday party, and brought her a pan of nanaimo bars.

Here's her cat Sonny:

Here's me with her chinchilla, Chipmunk:

I'm looking all proud because it took me 15 minutes of standing in front of his cage with my hands outstretched in front of the open door for him to finally run up my arm lol.

Here we all are on her bed:

Chipmunk again, chewing on my glasses lol. My glasses have now been chewed on by a miniature poodle, cats, AND a chinchilla! It's a miracle they're still in one piece lolll:

Her friend Mathieu and her:

And here's all of us on the couch again:

Was fun, hadn't seen her in a year or so. We listened to music, talked, had some Frangelico and nanaimo bars, then had dinner and some more drinks.

On Sunday after church I went to Chinatown for some pastries and then met up with Carlo, who I also hadn't seen in about a year. We took the bus to the Tamtam for some LARPing although I didn't participate, I just sat, soaked up some sun, had a gin & tonic and guarded the stuff. When we got there Carlo introduced me to all his friends, and I offered them all some egg tarts I had picked up in Chinatown. I was rewarded with access to Elias' chair for the rest of the afternoon lol. It's easy to fit into a new group when you bring asian pastries with you :P

Here's the alley behind the Anglican church whose basement my parish rents for our church:

Here's the construction in front of the church:

Here are two of Carlo's friends at the tamtams, Richard and Elias, and Vincent in the chair:

And here's Carlo, Richard and Elias:

I almost put on Elias' shoulder plates to take a pic of me in them when he took them off but decided not to. I think I'll do it this weekend though if I have a chance.

And some larping:

At about 4:15 me & Carlo left, him to work and me to Steph's place for us to go to the Smokemeat Pete's with his roommate Jen and her friend Lea.

Here's the live band that was playing that night:

Their amazing fries, pepper & mayo

A nice smoked meat (scroll down to Montreal) sandwich:

Here's the smoked meat poutine:

And Steph, of course:

After stuffing our faces we went to the Dairy Queen right across the street, then rolled ourselves back to the car and went back to Steph's place. When we got back we watched How to Train Your Dragon, and I loved it :D

And that was my weekend. It always bugs me how I never have time to post about what I did on the weekend until Friday, but whatever. Go watch that movie people! It's great :D

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