Friday, April 16, 2010

A window, Berri-Uqam, fried plantains, and strange breakfast.

Here's a picture of the window at church that I took last Sunday:

After church I walked to Chinatown for some pastries & bubble tea, then headed to Longueuil metro to meet up with Mat and go to his place. I took these pictures at Berri-Uqam metro:

"Homage to the founders of the city of Montreal... donated by the Montreal regional union of Caisses Populaires Dejardins (a bank) and the 340 affiliates."

I made some fried ripe plantain this week:

You take a green plantain and ripen it till it's black. Then peel it and slice into 1in thick slices, then deep fry till dark brown. Don't worry, it won't taste burnt, there's so much sugar in them that it caramelizes, and it makes a crunchy exterior with a soft sweet interior. It's like candy! The flavor reminded me of chocolate even. I can't wait to make this again!

And here's breakfast I had last weekend, fried eggs, toast, and guacamole with stale pita bread. It was delicious!:

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