Friday, April 16, 2010

REAL Chinese Food!!!

Ok so yesterday after work I went to the Lotus Bleu that I posted about here, and it was amazing.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in were the cute pink heart-shaped chairs lol. And the smell, it smelled like... a spice shop, so good! I went with Mat and we had the lamb noodle soup (#17), the twice-sauteed pork (#14) and the spring rolls (#20), and it was amaaaazing. Mat normally refuses to try food he doesn't know, never mind ethnic food, so I wasn't expecting him to eat much but he ordered the pork dish and loved it!! So did I :D He wouldn't touch the soup though, oh well, more for me!

The spring rolls were good, nothing special though, and the soup was amazing. And the small is quite big! Unless they mistook my order and gave me a large, although I specifically circled small on the menu. I loved all the coriander, and I had never had either type of noodles in my life before so I was very pleasantly surprised. There were thinner transparent gelatinous noodles, and 1-2in wide hand-pulled flat noodles that I swear must have been several feet long! I couldn't find the end when I tried to lift them with my chopsticks.

And the lamb... it was the most tender, flavorful, delicious lamb I've ever had! I could have eaten a whole plate of just the lamb. Wow! I can't wait to go back there to try the daoko chicken! Of course we couldn't finish it all so I took home half the soup. I didn't have too much trouble understanding/being understood by the girl who served us (she didn't speak much english or french), there was another girl who spoke english better to help translate. And it was only $20!

Here's the view inside from where we were sitting:

Here's the vinegar they had on the tables:

I loved the Engrish lol:

Here's Mat:

I gave him a thumbs-up and told him to smile. Apparently this guy just can't smile on demand, instead he raised his eyebrows and gave me a thumbs-up back lol:

Here's the "Fantastic Big Flat Lamb Noodle Soup":

And the Twice-Sauteed Pork:

I think I'm gonna go back there tomorrow with Steph. Or to Fu Yuan Xiang. I can't wait to try the Daoko chicken at Lotus Bleu though so I think we'll be going there. And I definitely have to bring some of this food to my parents next time I visit them!


  1. Aieee! I really should NOT come here. I've been so good about food lately, and now I see this!

  2. Hahahaha!!! :P Do they have Chinese restaurants where you are?