Monday, April 26, 2010


Wow. I just stumbled across an bunch of amazing articles (this one in particular) about spices. It really amazed me to learn of the quality of spices in the supermarkets and all the other information about them. I can't wait to go to Epices et Olives! I don't think I'll just throw out all my spices, but I'll definitely buy some new ones.

Man I want to quit my job and go work there now too! :P I've composed a cover letter for my cv gushing spice enthusiasm lol. But I'm a bit caffeinated today so I'll sleep on it before making any rash decisions :P

I've never known what I wanted to do in life, I've never had a specific calling. But in the past year or so I've been slowly realizing that if ever I would have to pick a trade to spend my life in it would be something to do with food. As of yet I didn't know which domain within the realm of the food industry though. But in reading about their amazing store it just makes sense to me that I want to work in that store because spices are the... essential element, the base, the foundation and soul of a recipe, of food in general. You can't do without.

Some of my best childhood memories are of smelling the spices in my mom's spice rack and savoring each different aroma. I also grew up helping my mom cook, and she always used herbs and spices and I picked up that habit of wanting to add something else to my food, not leave it plain. Just today as I was eating the nanaimo bars I made I was wondering to myself, "hmmm this is missing something" and I realized I had forgotten the cinnamon! So I'll have to go sprinkle some on top next time I eat some. The original recipe didn't call for cinnamon but I decided to add some the first time I made it and it was so good! I love to add new things and mix them up and see what happens.

Oh and I have to find out how much they (the owners of Epices & Olives) charges for his cooking classes too!

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