Saturday, April 10, 2010

Breakfast, rain, pork jerky and moussaka

Here is my idea of a perfect breakfast. Egg over easy, yolk runny, white set, with chicken broth powder & freshly ground white pepper as seasoning, double-smoked, thick-cut bacon fried slowly on low heat till browned but not burnt, the best bread ever toasted and slathered with butter, and a cup of milk:

This year I'm trying to moderate my post-lenten eating, hence the small portion, cause last year I just went crazy with food after 6 weeks of lent. I was tempted to have 6 slices of porky campfire goodness bacon and 2 eggs but reminded myself that I'll be perfectly satisfied with half of that.

And here's a very yummy dessert to go with the perfect breakfast:

Although it's tempting to live on a diet of exclusively starch and protein after Lent is over (which I did this week actually cause I hadn't felt like going to the grocery store yet), I forced myself to buy some fruits and veggies when I went to the store yesterday. It was really tempting to buy a whole cart full of food, I was like "Ooh! I haven't had that in forever! Ooh! I can buy that now! And that! And that!" but noooo... I have a freezer full of meat from before lent that I'd like to make a dent in if not empty before I buy more stuff. So I'm gonna try to restrict my protein buying to my staples of bacon, eggs, and milk.

On Wednesday morning on the way to work there was such a huge dark thundercloud over the city that I had to take a picture of it:

And after it left the sun came out:

But not for long, it was sunny for maybe half an hour and then it was cloudy the rest of the day.

Here's what I had for lunch this week, it was delicious. I'd like to try making my own sometime though, this one was really runny:

And here's some pork jerky I found at the grocery store, I was about to buy the beef jerky too until I realized it was $9/box:

It was ok, a bit under-flavored for my taste. I prefer Hygrade bbq flavor pepperoni sticks and Jack Links beef jerky.

It's nice and sunny out today so I just might go for a walk down to the river.

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