Friday, April 16, 2010

Non-Ruhlman Scottish Shortbread, But Still Delicious!

When I got home after work today Michael Ruhlman's blog was down so I couldn't use his recipe. I googled "scottish shortbread with cornstarch" and the most simple and similar looking to what I remembered of Ruhlman's recipe was this one.

I really got lucky when I made this because they turned out amazing even though I completely winged it. I didn't check beforehand to see if I had enough flour, so I just started pouring and realized halfway through that I might run short lol. I think I must have had maybe 2 1/2 cups of flour, and I put half a cup of cornstarch instead. The cornstarch is supposed to be what makes them light and fluffy so I figured the more, the better, right? Then I forgot that I had to prick them with a fork till 5 minutes after I had put them in the oven so I grabbed a fork, threw open the oven door and hastily stabbed at them till I though they were sufficiently perforated, and then shut the door again.

The recipe doesn't say how long to bake, so I kept an eye on them and took 1 pan out after half an hour and 1 pan after 40 minutes to compare. The half-hour ones that I've tried so far are amazing. Oh, and I used two 8in aluminum pie pans instead of 1 9x12 pan. But wow. These are leagues past any shortbread cookies I've ever had. I'm eager to see if Ruhlman's recipe will be as good as these. I'll make it as soon as I think to buy some more flour.

Baking time!!!

Here's the half-hour batch:

And the most amazing light, fluffy, crispy shortbread I've ever had:

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