Saturday, April 10, 2010

Christ is Risen! Pascha 2010 pt.2

Here's the church hall all set for the big feast after vespers on Sunday afternoon:

We were blessed with warm sunny 24 degree weather all weekend. It was so nice!

I took these during the vespers:

Bishop Iriney was there, he used to be a priest at our church:

Here are most of the people that went up to read the Gospel in different languages. My mom (on the left) read it in Swedish, there was also French, English, Slavonic, Hungarian, Polish, German and Catalan (Fr. Paul is from Catalonia). We tried to find someone to read it in Greek but didn't.

Bishop Iriney:

Here's Fr. Paul giving a toast during the feast after the vespers:

After the feast I was so full I could barely walk out of there at 5pm lol. My dad came for dessert, and brought my mom & I home after. Then I went on the internet for a bit and realized it was already 6:30 and should get ready soon because my dad was going to drive me back to Montreal. So I packed up and we set off. It's about an hour and a half, I took these pictures on the way:

Oh and here's some pretty moss that was growing on a twig I found the day before:

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