Saturday, March 20, 2010

A mural and salad with baby scallops & sweet potatoes

Here's a mural on the side of a grocery store beside the Montreal-West train station:

Last night for dinner I had salad with baby scallops & sweet potatoes and toast:

The scallops I thawed, then dried with paper towels, then fried quickly with some oil, smoked salt and freshly ground white pepper. And of course I used Vio dressing, I swear that stuff is like crack, I've gone through half a bottle already because it's all I put on my salads ever since I bought it lol. I also added more white pepper & smoked salt to the salad.

I found this bread at the Maxi near my place, it's not much more expensive than cheap white bread and it tastes soooo much better. The thin parts get shatteringly crisp when you toast it and it's absolutely delicious. I haven't bought regular white bread in a while now.

The sweet potato. First I started out wanting to slice some with the mandolin and make sweet potato chips, and then I had an idea. I remembered one of the jobs I worked in a cafeteria they would put taro root though a machine so it came out in long really thin laces and then deep fry it till it was crisp and serve it as a topping on salad, and I was addicted to it. So I thought maybe I can grate sweet potato and do the same thing.

For my first try I just dumped a handful into the frying pan and it instantly spread out over the surface of the oil and foamed and looked really pretty, so I ran to get my camera but by the time I came back it had all retreated to the sides of the pan:

And then it was really annoying to fish them all out with a spoon so on my second try I put a handful into my sieve and tilted the pan with the oil a bit to be able to put the sieve lower because I didn't have enough oil in the pan:

Then dumped it out when it was brown and crispy, and salted it:

It was delicious!

And after that I made some sweet potato chips, which were delicious too:

And now I'm off to make more delicious guacamole and other stuff and watch anime with Stephan.

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