Saturday, September 19, 2009

Noodles and cheese with bacon and the quest for freshly cracked white pepper

Here's what I just made for lunch:

Ok it would have looked prettier before I stirred it all up but I didn't think of that when I dumped the bacon in the bottom of the bowl and then noodles and cheese on top. It's quite good, but it would be better with freshly cracked white pepper instead of ground black pepper, and good bacon. The bacon I used was Spalding brand, incidentally the same brand name that makes basketballs, and it shows, they use the same rubber for both. I've been spoiled by my parents nice tall wooden pepper grinder filled with Blue Ribbon brand white pepper that my mom has had since I was a baby. Whenever I visit I put it on everything savory I eat. Just called my mom to ask the brand name and apparently the grinder was handmade, she bought it years before I was born in Sweden from a guy selling all sorts of things made from wood. Today I'm gonna go to the Atwater market and get some whole white pepper since I can't find any in the grocery stores, and then find a cheap little pepper grinder somewhere else, at the dollarama maybe, since I'm tight for cash and then get a proper $20 one when it breaks later on.

Hehe, a friend from the UK just popped up on my msn to tell me some friends of his, Andy Sweet and MC Iou, are spinning here. The camera view is really cool, I went to say hi from Montreal on the chat and he said hi back on the air:P

It's been a while since I'd listened to some DnB.


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