Friday, September 25, 2009

Car in flames

I was lying in bed when I heard a POW outside, but didn't think anything of it, then a second one a minute later, then I heard the cat scratching at the balcony door frantically to get in, so I went to let her in and there was a car on fire behind the building next door:

As it is the video is going to take 2 hours to upload for some reason, so I'll post it later. Mat called 911, and by the time he had finished giving our adress we could already hear the sirens in the distance, and 10 minutes later it was out. I'm gonna go take pics tomorrow too.


  1. Oh wow, that's so scary! I hope no one was hurt!

  2. This happened to our car some years ago, after we parked it on top of a pile of leaves.

    The tail pipe and carbeurator of a car become red hot after the car has been driven, and parking it in tall, dry grass or over a pile of dry leaves will cause the dried out vegatation to catch fire. The fire will cause the gas tank to explode, and there goes the car.

    It's weird, and something people don't usually think about.

  3. Wow, yeah thanks for telling me that, I wouldn't have thought of that either. This one I'm pretty sure wasn't because of that though, there were a few old rusty clunkers that had been sitting in that lot for months at a time, it might have been some kids that set fire to it. I don't know if this was one of the old cars or not though, as people parked there regularly as well.

  4. Simply Life: No, no one was thankfully!