Saturday, January 2, 2010

NYE 2009/ Jan. 1, 2010

When I got off work at noon on the 31st I went home, had lunch, started preparing a roast for dinner, then took a nap while it was cooking. I got to use my very first digital remote thermometer that my parents bought me for Christmas :D I didn't take any pics of the roast, it wasn't very pretty, and it didn't turn out as expected either. It was my first time cooking a beef roast (inside round I think) and not a pork roast, so I looked up instructions here for what temp. to cook it to, then plunked it (1kilo) in the roasting pan with 4 cups beef broth, carrots, potatoes, sliced onions, and garlic, then put the cover on and cooked it. Mat didn't know either, but we asked his mom after and she said we shouldn't have cooked it in broth. Now I'm used to roasting the potatoes and carrots along with the meat in the pan, but next time I'll know for beef you do them on the side, and leave the beef uncovered without water lol. It's still edible, but not what it could be.

After dinner we left at around 7pm to go to Stephan's place for his party. Windia was there with her parents, I was the first one she let pick her up that evening!:

We ordered pizza and made some of Steph's NYE chocolate chip peanut butter cookes:

And some delicious beaver tails:

Then I made myself a drink of OJ, amaretto, and an orange popsicle for a stir-stick cause there wasn't any ice made yet:

Then we played Wii:

And had a few drinks. Here's cri with a giant beer mug she got for Christmas, and no, that's not beer in it, it's an epic cherry bomb lol. I think the cherry bomb is composed of lychee juice, amaretto, peach schnapps, and midori:

At midnight we all yelled happy new year, and could hear hollering and yelling all down the street outside the open window, so we hollered and yelled back to them :P Me and Mat left not long after that as I was getting tired and Mat now had my cold. When we went outside someone had written in the snow on all the cars parked down the street:

Yesterday we went to eat dinner at Mat's mom's place, more delicious turkey and booze :P Here's her miniature yorkshire with a dress, but not liking it lol. This was the only half-decent pic I could get before she shook her bow off:

And here's Mat (top right), his mom, his two brothers and his nephew:

Today Mat's off to work, and I have lots of cleaning to do.

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