Saturday, January 16, 2010

Unripened Cheese in Quebec & other goodies

This morning I went to the walk-in clinic and stopped at a Couche-Tard nearby for some goodies to munch while waiting there. I got some of my favourite cheeses, salty unripened stringy cheese and cheese curds:

The Tortillon cheese is my favourite of the two. It's brined and deliciously salty, but I try to eat only half the package per day because a whole package contains 61% of my daily sodium!:

The curd cheese is what is traditionally used for poutine, and only has 6% of your daily sodium. It's also nicknamed "squeaky cheese" because it squeaks against your teeth when you chew it:

I tried a dark Aero for the first time, was incredibly yummy so I ate the whole thing and felt like crap the rest of the day, tired, weak, shaky, etc. so I'm gonna have my blood sugar levels tested on the 21st at the pharmacy to see if I might have too much or too little:

And I also got some of my favourite beef jerky of course:

On the way to the Couche-Tard I passed by this place on the corner of Beaulieu and Allard, and there was a delicious aroma of baking tomato pizza coming from the vents under the windows so I stopped in on my way back from the clinic once it was open:

They had a variety of cold cuts/meats as well as fresh baked bread and ready-made food like empanadas, quiches, spring rolls, and cakes, pastries and desserts etc. I got two small pizzas, tomato and rosemary:

And a frozen tourtiere (meat pie):

I tried the pizzas, and they weren't that much better than grocery store tomato pizzas, and definitely not as good as the tomato pizza that they serve at lunch at church all the time. I had the idea to slice them horizontally and make sandwiches with them instead though. I'm going to try making a 1-layer club sandwich tonight for dinner with the tomato pizza.

I also found a cool-shaped bottle of wine at the depanneur (corner store) near my place this evening, it's not bad:


  1. I just bought the same wine bottle.
    i live in ottawa